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Sunday, January 25, 2009
guess whoooose back biatches?:) 9:16 PM

hello lovely people.
guess what?
3 weeks of college has flown by and
i'm still in one piece. :)

just got back from KL today actually.
woke up at 7am -_- too early
had McDs for breakfast which is kinda weird because who mixes egg with jam, slice of meat and bread?
that's just weird.

saw some drama-rama at the airport too.
some china woman was screaming at the red airport lady (the one you greet when you want to check in your luggage etc.)
that was good enough to wake me up and stare at her.
it was pretty bad i think cause the red-airport-lady was crying.
haha poor thing. never piss off a china woman :P

anyway, home is good.
home is familiar :)
diana and i were comparing the difference between kch and kl.
the roads seem larger in kch.
prolly because every surface of kl roads are covered with vehicles -_-

it's a strange mix of emotions right now actually.
my couch where i used to spent countless hours watching tv or dozing on is still as comfy as ever.
being away has made me grateful of a lot of things.
like how spacious and comfy the bmw is compared to the proton.
how wide and empty the roads are (prolly due to cny but still)
how fresh and clean the air is!! -_- (compared to kl, please.)
how everything is located so near ! (no more half an hour or hour long traffic jams etc etc)

life is just good right now. :)
to everyone whose away from home,
happy cny :)

here's a pic of my class, G2
i feel very fortunate to be in this class.
unlike my other friends who say their classmates are weird and anti-social.
the people are funny, whacky, lame but friendly.
like i said, everything happens for a reason.

it's frigging cny!
let's break out the cards! :P
happy holidays guys.