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Monday, November 29, 2004
Alexander the great is gay! 11:30 PM

Today was rehearsal again for the Joseph & The Amazing Techicoloured Coat. I went wif my sis late...hehe I felt so bad when i came in because Mr.McBean(is tat rite?) was half-way talking....I felt terrible when I saw the look on his face.Then we started singing and stuff...it was kinda fun...the lyrics were great and interesting...altho Im just in the chorus I still tink its cool....Joel's one of the bros...no idea how from being the fat guy to being a bro...anyway after the whole rehearsal i saw him talking to one of the Josephs(there are two). So he introduced me to a guy called Valentio...lol wat a cool name uh?Hehe I was acting all stupid cause i went jelly(u can seriously go jelly) inside...lol...he seems like a great guy....i don't noe but he just has this look of someone u want to noe or get to noe better. Not to mention that he is only 15years old, he looks older cause he has this mature look lol. It was a real pleasure meeting him. That nite, AJ & Darwin came to my house to pick up Diana and I to go to Star for the movie, Alexander The Great. AJ & Darwin were following me cause I pitied them for always being stuck at home. I was real dumb cause I didn't noe the responsibility tat i put myself under! We went to the arcade cause AJ & Darwin were just inlove wif it and wanted to go so we went. It was quite tiring cause I kept imagining one of them disappearing so I wouldn't let them out of my sight. It was a real pity too cause I wanted to get to noe Valentio alot better as I hardly knew him but I couldn't really talk to him. Its weird but I can't seem to look at Valentio when we're talking...i keep looking away so it isn't much of a conversation if the person u r talking to isn't looking at u. One of the things I hate myself about...sighh...anyway in the theatre I sat infront of Val and Joel wif AJ & Darwin. Eric sat on my left. The movie wasn't exactly good...it was kinda sad...lol i can't find a word for it...it just wasn't exactly a good movie..give it a 6 out of 10. I tink it was a bad influence on my two cousins cause they kept repeating the word 'gay' over and over again lol. Don't tink my uncle was too happy lol. Oh well...after the 3 hour movie, Val had to get a cab home. I mean I felt really bad after how nice he has been to all of us...if it wasn't my uncle who was picking us up i would haf offered him a ride. Overall, it was an interesting day. LaTeRsSsss....

Thursday, November 25, 2004
Im bcoming sucky in bball 1:00 AM

Went to Swak Club wif Joel and Joey and Keith. We were playing bball under the hot sun then we saw Sheryl,Alyssa,Sheryl's lil sis,Belle,Jocelyn and Alexander. There was a tennis competition of some kind cause there were alot of english female players playing. Anyway we played bball for awhile then they went swimming while i sat by the pool listening to Ashlee Simpson's Autobiography. It was prolly cause of my lonelyness look tat they ended the swim early....heheh...then we sat down for a drink...and later we walked around doing absolutely nothing. Finally we went to play bball again...lol...me and Joey were playing wif Andre and Alex. It was so hot and tiring. When I got bck I was so tired and hungry. Slept at 5am. LaTeRsSsss....

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Renewing a broken friendship 8:00 PM

Went to Joey's house. Joel was already there and he said they were having fun. When I got there, I was kinda nervous cause what do u say to a guy u stopped talking to in 5 months!So we just played bball at first..lol...and i ACCIDENTALLY bounced the ball too hard on the floor, sending straight to Joel's face! LoL...well according to him...his nose broke lol.....after tat we went to watch 'Taxi' but the VCD player had problems so we tried watching 'Resident Evil 2' but still didn't work so in the end we just went upstair to play PS...haha finally the tension in the room decreased....we were laughing by the end of it and we went down to play bball again...this time it was like we were bck as good friends again....and i hafta admit...it felt good eheh...LaTeRsSsss....

Sunday, November 21, 2004
JoJo where art thou? 10:30 PM

Woke up at 1pm!LoL..so late eeek..went to Crowne Tower to eat breakfast wif lena and my dad and his friend. The mini eggtarts were yummy! Sadly I didn't get to buy my Jojo CD which I wanted badly...sighh...so in the end i didn't get it. Tat nite we went to RH to eat but it started raining so we left then went to another restaurant tat really sucked wif my auntie and cousin and my mum who all just came bck from Sibu. They went there cause my cousin was getting married. Mum was really jumpy cause she was afraid Lena would miss her flight but my dad was as calm as ever. The dinner turned out to be terrible so I felt quite sick after it too...neways LaTeRsSsss....

friend or foe?pig or piglet?tat is the question 4:30 AM

Today Joey sms-ed me...lol...yea tat guy...i was kinda surprised when i saw it....he asked why i hated him? I thought for a sec and decided to stop this stupid fight....we haven't been talking to him since 12th of May 2004...lol...wow...we weren't talking for 5 months!Amazing how time flies uh? Anyway I decided it was kinda stupid to continue this fight I mean...phoebs forgiven him....so just let it be in past. So I agreed to go. Joyce asked me to her house so I went and we watched 'Underworld' and 'Dodgeball'...underworld is SOOO COOL!The whole movie was so sad too....hope there is a sequel to tat movie...dodgeball was stupid and funny....it was so dumb and funny...lol...strange...after the whole movie we played alil pool then I had to leave. I played runescape till 2.15am lol...strange how my dad wasn't checking up on me...hehe whew...when I finally got in my room...an enormous pig was snoring away in MY BED! LoL...yes it was my sister, Lena...lol she looked so comfy i felt bad if i woke her so i made a terribly uncomfortable and pathetic 'bed'. To take my mind of my poor numb-ed butt(the floor was hard!), i watched an animation movie called 'Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust'. It was really good too. Bout a vampire and a human who fell inlove whereas the world were doing their best to keep them apart...hehe so sad......so after the movie i slept finally at 4.30am...LaTeRsSsss....