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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Renewing a broken friendship 8:00 PM

Went to Joey's house. Joel was already there and he said they were having fun. When I got there, I was kinda nervous cause what do u say to a guy u stopped talking to in 5 months!So we just played bball at first..lol...and i ACCIDENTALLY bounced the ball too hard on the floor, sending straight to Joel's face! LoL...well according to him...his nose broke lol.....after tat we went to watch 'Taxi' but the VCD player had problems so we tried watching 'Resident Evil 2' but still didn't work so in the end we just went upstair to play PS...haha finally the tension in the room decreased....we were laughing by the end of it and we went down to play bball again...this time it was like we were bck as good friends again....and i hafta admit...it felt good eheh...LaTeRsSsss....