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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Tsunami Nightmare 2:26 AM

As many of u noe, an enormous wave hit Indonesia just several days ago. Many many people died in the incident. I tink the number of people dead is 55,700 plus. Among them are:

Sri Lanka: 13,000 dead
Indonesia: 4,500 dead
India: 3,500 dead
Thailand: 866 dead
Maldives: 52 dead
Malaysia: 44 dead
Burma: 30 dead
Bangladesh: 2 dead

This is soo sad and tragic. If u want more info just search for 'tsunami news' in google or some other website. I'm sure many websites have stuff about this already. ABC News has alot info about this. I'm so grateful that no one I noe was hurt. I'm, at the same time, feeling sad about the amount of victims killed and missing. Can u imagine the number of families who are searching high and low for their loved ones? Can u possibly imagine the number of families who are griefing over the death of their loved ones? There was this one story about an englishman who was holding his baby in his arms. When the wave hit him, he held on as tight as he could. After it was over, he opened up his arms only to find a bundle of clothes. The baby was gone. Another story is a 6 year old Taiwan girl was clinging for life on a coconut tree for 20 hours as the wave landed. Her mother is reported missing. This has been a really terrible tragedy. My dad says this might mean the end of the world is coming. What's frightening is ... I tink he's right. LaTeRsSsss...

Saturday, December 25, 2004
Day Before Xmas 1:58 AM

haha today I came down and found an enormous turkey on the kitchen table. First thought tat came to my head was 'YUMMY!'. LoL the house was empty so figured everyone went out. Later mum reports Auntie Rose sent it. I love aunties sometimes don't u?:) anyway when I went to 'inspect' the turkey, I discovered something terrible! It was either our turkey was born retarded or there was a thief among us. A leg was missing! Using my imaginary detective skills, I suspected Diana had done it. I soon forgot about it because my legs were getting all wobbly again. (thanks to Albert's useless exercise tips! another story)

Diana forced me to go wif her to some church concert thing in kenyalang. I finally gave in because I figured I had nthg esle to do anyway. My poor legs were aching in pain as I slowly walked up the stairs. It was like I aged 40 years in the past week. The place was packed! I had to stand for 3 hours as there were no empty seats. In the beginning, we were singing some christmas carols. After that acouple of white dressed ladies were singing and dancing. I missed it as I went out to buy a drink with Diana, Stella and some form3s. I saw someone I didn't expect at all, Judith! She was just as surprised as I was. We talked for like 5 seconds cause she was leaving already with her dad. Joel was downstairs according to her. She said the concert was very weird lol. Watever that means.

Anyway we went back in for 2 more hours then finally went back. There were acouple of moments where everyone were jumping following the beat of the songs. I couldn't do it! I don't know why but I just couldn't! I felt so weird and uptight. I wished I joined in but it appeared my shoes were glued to the floor. Mum and Auntie Rose picked us up and we went for supper. During the whole concert, I realised many things like how important God is and how amazingly wonderful He is. From that moment, I decided to go to church. I mean I did go to church several times before but I always felt bored. When I'm in church, I tell myself I should go to church more as its quite fun but when I reach home I change my plans. This time I'm going to try and go to church more often. LaTeRsSsss....MERRY XMAS EVE!

Monday, December 20, 2004
A day wif an old friend 10:32 PM

Before Val left on Sunday I msg-ed him telling him to haf a safe flight and merry xmas.Who noes?It mite be our last conversation which by the way Im praying won't be! Anyway I went out today wif an old friend, Bartholomew Su. He hadn't changed much. He's still that tall and polite guy. I was excited to see him again but I don't think he felt the same way. I mean we're close buddies and all but I could tell he was nervously waiting for something. Aidan Chan, a genius in everything including chess was wif him. Just then the person Bart was looking forward to meet arrived. She got out of the car and smiled nervously. She is Charlene Bong. According to her, they were together. I was so shocked when she told me that. I mean first off, Bart lives in New Zealand now and the last time he came back was in January and he didn't even know about Charlene then.

Turns out they chatted online for quite some time now and Im still puzzled of how they ended up together. Anyway we walked into Riverside and Bart bought tickets for the Ocean 12 movie. I sat the corner of the row wif Aidan by my side. Bart and Charlene were sitting together on Aidan's left. I didn't even want to think wat was happening so I just focused on the movie. Somewhere between the movie, Charlene passed my handphone no. to her dad because her dad didn't feel comfortable about her going out. She wanted me to try and convince the dad there were only girls out but thank God he didn't call me! After the movie, we went to KFC for burgers and cheesy weggles. Bart was trying so hard to be like a gentleman by eating very timidly. He didn't want to get his fingers or face dirty so he had to slowly devour his food one bite at a time. Im sorry but it looked so funny that I couldn't stop laughing. Then Charlene had to go back because her dad was somewhere in Riverside already.

I was actually happy she left since Bart was acting all weird and stuff so it was pretty hard talking to him. After she left Bart was normal again but he was still upset so I tried cheering him up by going bowling. Since Bart paid for the tickets and the food, I decided to pay for the bowling games. In the first game, I wasn't all that bad actually. I managed to get 2nd place but in the second game, I couldn't bowl for my life! We saw abunch of form2s in the cinema later. So we decided to go the Star for the arcade but it was raining! So we just called it a day and waited for our parents to pick us up. My mum came extra late because of the heavy traffic. I was starting to feel really drowsy as I slept at 4am that nite and woke at 11am! Bart was still there so we talked alittle about Charlene then I left. I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the car. At home, I talked to Bart again about Charlene. It appears he really likes her. He even said he loved her online! I tried telling and warning Bart about her but he seemed like he was in a dazed or something. There was alittle I could do so I just gave him my best wishes and luck as well. He prolly thought I was jealous cause he later said we were always going to be best buddies. I ended that sentence wif a 'forever' at the end and took a nap. LaTeRsSsss....

Wednesday, December 15, 2004
True friends are hard to find 1:33 AM

Im starting to realise this end of the year's hols are the best hols I ever had among all the rest of the end of the year hols. I made a great new friend, I went out more often than ever before, I didn't waste my entire hols on comps or television, I spent more times wif my best friend than usual and I've worked wif many interesting people and experienced wats its like to be in an actual play. I had so much fun this year. I nearly wish it would never end. New friendships were born, old ones were renewed and I just realised how amazing everyone is. I had to be 'slinky' to get the part of Portiphar's wife today but I couldn't. I just can't flirt! Haha its so strange but its true. I guess u can't learn how to flirt, u just know when the time is right. Oh and you can help a person alot but u can still never help them enough. Im not sure if Im making any sense here but if u understand, tats great.

Joel is my best friend. We haf been for 10 years and despite thick and thin were stuck wif each other no matter wat the consequences. We had fights, we had quarrels, but in the end we are still friends. Its like every fight just draws us closer and closer. I will never stop thanking God for 'introducing' Joel Ngeaw to me. I don't know wat I would do without him. Another quote is you can't make someone like u. If they show signs of none interest and perhaps alittle bit of annoyance, u should know by then he doesn't like u. This christmas will be very interesting because this year well I can't say we or I cause I didn't do anything and I feel really guilty about it and I can't tell u who its for or wat it is cause I haven't seen it either. Ok 'someone' has been working hard on something and its for someone special and dear to all of us. Anyway last nite, I was talking to Joel from 10 something continuing to like 1am?

LoL we were just talking rubbish and stuff. We haven't talked on the phone tat long in a long time now and it just brought back some old memories. Anyway Val's leaving soon for Indonesia to Bangkok on a holiday wif his family. He's leaving Sunday the 19th. Tats very soon and well everyone's missing him loads already. Joel was actually talking and crying alittle at the same time. Judith was crying abit and laughing abit as well when Joel was crying. I was on the phone and I was crying too! Haha it was like all 3 of us crying over him. For Joel its because he spent everyday wif Val ever since the Joseph rehearsals started. Judith was always there too duh. I, on the other hand, didn't spend much time with him but the times tat we did I'll never forget them. So this is pretty hard on Joel especially because Val has been like an older bro to Joel and well they are real close. Joel says things won't be the same the next time he sees him because it'll be like from two different worlds. Val will haf his own friends and Joel too so they won't be exactly close anymore, well not as close as now. '...we'll be drifting apart..' said Joel. He's a real sensitive guy. I hafta admit going out or watching movies won't be the same without Vigilius Valentio Febrio Altamirano Delcastrio. Lets hope he doesn't forget us or the past month tat he has spent wif all of us. So I end this wif best of luck dude wherever u are. LaTeRsSsss.

Sunday, December 12, 2004
Best time I ever had during this hols 8:10 PM

I woke up at 11.00am! Hehe suppose to meet Joel,Val and Judith at Upwell. Quickly changed and dashed down to Upwell. It was drizzling when I saw three people walking slowly up to Upwell. Before I left, my mum was lecturing me again about safety and stuff. She just doesn't like Joel for some reason sigh! Doesn't trust him one bit! Anyway we walked to Tun Jugah to try on some clothes. Joel and Val were suppose to do some modelling thing but they quit cos they had to do it infront of a pub of gangsters so it was like being hookers lol. But he was afraid his dad mite find out so he took some fake pics of him trying on some clothes wif his digital camera. After that we walked to Swak Plaza and read some magazines. Then we went to McDs to rest and take afew pics. We walked to Riverside JUST to buy the popcorn there. Omg man like its tat good! Joel and Val liked it sooo much.

So after tat we went to the 711 nearby and Val got a slurpee. I can't understand how much space he has in his belly. LoL then we went to Hilton for fun cos my sucky sandals were killing my feet! We took acouple of pics there as well then it was off to Waterfront. We walked along the path which I haven't done in a long time. Ate some fried ice-creams and decided to sit on one of those sampans and go to Fort Magaretta. But we couldn't find an empty one so we didn't go! I was so disappointed cos I was afraid at first duh but after I kept looking at them I just felt interested but we didn't go so instead we went to Star to watch 'Polar Express'. It wasn't a very good movie. I give it 4 out of 10. The animation was great but the storylin wasn't very superb. The moral is ...... well something to do wif believing in Santa Claus. I got myself a mike for my comp cos of this 'Skype' thing Val told me to download. It allows u to talk to ur friends and hear wat they hafta say as well so its real cool.

We were messing around wif it late last nite. We went to Tun Jugah after tat and called our parents. Joel was coming up wif some lie to tell his folks. He was going wif the pretending to be angry about the modelling thing cos they were too fussy and stuff. Hehe I wasn't suppose to be there so I had to hide. Before leaving, we quickly took some pics to finish off the whole film so I can develop it for a special someone later. In the end, my mum came earlier than them so I left. We walked so much the whole day so now my feet is aching! I can't wait for them to come online so we can talk again like last nite! LaTeRsSsss....

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Guys aren't so different from girls;) 7:00 PM

Today was a close call. I woke up at 12.40pm! We were suppose to meet at 1pm in KFC. Haha I had to rush like mad. Anyway we went to McD's to see Swak Tribune cos Joel and Val's face were on the newspaper. Some reporter took a pic of them while asking the Msia Idols for autographs(BTW there was a concert). Haha then we ran to Star to get tickets. Val and I were bugging Joel and Keith to watch 'Shutter'. LoL I dunoe wat but I just really wanted to see it besides it was either that or 'Polar Express'. So in the end, we went for 'Shutter'. Hehe it was ladie's nite so I only had to pay 6 bucks. Anyway in the beginning I sat at the side but after we changed rows, I sat between Joel and Keith. Thank God bcos the movie was really scary lol and somewhere in between there was one funny part so I didn't exactly lie now did I? All I noe is Keith or in other words GUYS can actually scream like girls. LoL no kidding! Keith went for the high note when the ghost appeared. Valentio was covering his eyes, lol, Joel was just trying to focus on his hp. LoL ok I admit I screamed acouple of times but girls are allowed to scream! Heheh then we went for to KFC to eat. Keith wanted to get a new wallet so we ran to Tun Jugah's bodyglove. We kinda walked abit then into a music store then I read some magazine saying Jennifer Garner & Ben Afleck are together! Omg! I never knew that! Wat happened to J.Lo man? Oh well we called our folks and went down. Val left the earliest in a cab while we discussed wat to get him for Xmas which is just around the corner! Keith got Joel a music CD but I dunoe wat to get Keith and Joel. Val's gift is planned out already. Hehe anyways LaTeRsSsss....

Saturday, December 04, 2004
The day I became different 10:30 AM

Talk about annoying bros I tink mine mite win the award! He came back at like midnight or so which was fine wif me cos me and Sherry(my cousin from sarikei) got to play the computer till late late wif an excuse which was we were waiting for my bro. So my dad couldn't ask us to go up! Hehee so when he comes bck, he askes Sherry whether if she could wake up at 6.30am. It was already 1.30am so only 5 hours of sleep! He said he was afraid he couldn't wake up as his friends were coming at 6.30am to go to Matang for a BBQ! He said he would take us to a nice restaurant if he did so we agreed. When we went up, we were soooo bored! We sat there from 2am to 5.30am doing nthg! I was so tired! In the end, I must haf fallen asleep at 5.30am cos I couldn't remember wat happened next. When I woke up, Sherry laughed and said she went to his room at 6am but he wasn't asleep! He was awake as well just lying there! So we stayed up for no reason at all! The worst part was HE DIDN'T TAKE US OUT!

So we slept till prolly 2pm I tink. Then my mum offered to take us out to Riverside cos we looked terribly bored so Diana followed too. There Diana called one of her friends to come along. We planned to see a movie but the time didn't suit us so we couldn't see anything. So we ended up following Diana and Che Wee SHOPPING! I absolutely hate shopping wif ppl. If it was wif my friends, it prolly be different but it wasn't! Perfume shopping was just pathetic. I stood there completely bored to death wandering around practising how to walk. Sherry's jeans were so small and low all the malays were staring at her like a pack of wolves staring at a piece of bloody meat. It was so freaky as anyone of them could just come and take her or something. Among all of them, I felt so left out as in I felt so unwanted! I mean its just they're both pretty and stuff and I just look like a picture tat isn't suppose to be there. Anyway we finally left thank God! My sandales were killing my feet.

Last nite, she took my hp again and she went upstairs like at 11pm or so. I knew she couldn't be sleeping so I was wandering wat the heck was she doing. When I went up at like 1.30am, I found her crawled up in my bed wif a cellphone in her ear. She went up to her own bed and continued talking. I got a pillow and just whacked her wif it. In the end, she gave back my hp which I tried to hid away. Later when we became bored again she went down and got a packet of junk food and we jsut sat there snacking away and talking about all kinds of stuff. Turned out, we had lots incommon. We had older siblings who were popular and we were just kind of like the rejects. I mean not tat bad but its just a way of saying it. We always got mistaken for someone older but wat made me laugh like mad was when she was younger, she had really cut hair so on Chinese New Year, someone mistook her for a boy so he said 'KoKo' then she glared at him! LoL...I don't know if u find tat funny but tat somehow made me laugh alot! Then later she made me try on some clothes in my room. I kept saying I was fat and couldn't fit anything till she got mad and told me to stop! LoL...we changed into some outfits I had in my closet which I never wore in my life. Some were surprisingly nice and some were just plain small! She nearly fainted when she saw my clothes. There were all big shirts which she said could be used for sleeping! She told me to buy smaller shirts...just not sooo big!

LoL...I hafta admit there were pretty huge! LoL...sighh anyways later we went downstairs cos Albert still wasnt home yet so we just sat there in the kitchen drinking and talking away about more stuff. I honestly couldn't imagine the stuff we had incommon. The stuff we go throught. The stuff we do even! I felt really happy talking to her cos she is more than a cousin. She actually listens and talks bck to me unlike Diana! Diana is impossbile to communicate sometimes. Makes me mad. So we drank some stuff, then went up.(albert was bck by now)So we got into bed, then started talking some more about life and stuff. Then my hp beeped, meaning a new sms from a guy. She answered it and I went to sleep.LaTeRsSsss....

Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Dentist's r a pain! 2:30 PM

I had to wake up at 6.30am this morning! Too early! I had a dental appointment but it was at 8.15am so the real reason was cause my bro was sitting for his SPM and had to go to skool at 7am...so poor me was dragged along. I went to the wet market in Tabuan Jaya wif my mum buying veges....there were so many ppl there. I don't know why but I like wet markets...I just like seeing how the butchers slice up the chickens,ducks etc. Yea I noe it's weird but I don't know...lol. Well I ate breakfast there whereas my mum was busy chatting wif her friends. After awhile we left to the dentist's place but can you believe? The doc wasn't in! I wake up at 6.30am and he doesn't even make an effort to show up! LoL....ok ok actually he was on a seminar or something in Sematan so he couldn't see me today. I called my mum and was bck in the car. Went out for breakfast wif my grandmother and my uncle who flew in from Sydney at 3am. I didn't eat anything cause I was still stuffed.