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Monday, March 28, 2005
there are bigger girls than me! :O 8:54 PM

heheh recieved an extremely early phonecall on sunday at 7am or smtg! turned out to be a crazy girl who was at the door of my house. i was so tired yet i had to summon my strength and answer the door. she ran to my cold room.. ahh comfy room.. and just started flipping throught some photos while i tried to get bck to sleep. we left later to bball which i was looking forward to.

turns out we were fighting for 1st place or was it 2nd place in the competition. marianne n jerbz din show up tat morning.. couldnt blame them.. anyway we just got ready and we still at tat time din noe who our opponent was! till like 10mins from the game someone confirmed it was gona be against Siburan. tat skool beated Kch High 88-11 on saturday! so again everyone was tinking its a done game!

tis time Kch High's coach came to us and even gave us afew pointers on ways to beating the Siburan team. we haf no idea why he did tat but we haf no complaints! :) when it was our turn to play.. five of them got on the court and played. within 15-20 seconds.. siburan already scored 6points! in tat time, the score quickly increased and increased where as ours remained the same.

it wasnt until the 4th quarter when coach put me in against the biggest girl i haf ever seen. im not kidding she was really tall and she made a great great great defender. before i knew it both of us were wrestling for the ball. she gave such energy tat i immediately weakened rite after i fell to the floor. it was good in a way as she made my blood rise making me concentrate more. in the last quarter siburan already wasnt playing their best. it was 48-8 and wif only a few mins left. but in tat time we managed to get 48-12. everyone was cheering and i believe everyone on tat court felt the applause as they played harder. but it was impossible to catch up wif siburan so we lost in the end. strange to say i wasnt sad at all... i was just pleased we managed to catch up alittle bit... yea ALITTLE BIT! :) hehe well... there's always nxt year rite?

here r pics of Lodge School bball team.. but not everyone was in it

heres the girl tat woke me up so early in the morning!! MIFFY!
i look so ugly and FAT! sooo ugly compared to tis leng loi bside me:P

Saturday, March 26, 2005
one won one lost.. 9:18 PM

today had to wake up at 8am.. at first i woke up at 6am then looked at my hp and saw i still got 2hrs of peace! so i slept peacefully till i heard someone shouting 'wake up! u got bball!'. wah havent played in a game since last yr thanks to cacat glee. our first game was against Chung Hua No.1.. a skool we never beaten. as usual most of us were tinking its a finish game but surprisingly everyone gave alot of effort and we managed to keep the score even.

i haf to tell u playing in skool like for training is different from an actual game. its like once u're on the court.. the ball is passed.. u can only tink of one thing. 'keep ur eyes on the damn ball' and hope to God it doesnt come ur way! lol i made so many mistakes! my free throw is abunch of crap and so many opportunities to score but i just passed it away:( hate myself so much today.. esp in the 2nd game against Kuching High. wahliew when i saw the number5 girl i already tinking 'we're screwed'.

but i tink we could haf a chance of maybe catching up alittle to kch high but everyone was really tired and coach dunoe why din wanna put marianne or jerbz in the game! they are good yet he didnt let them in. i haf no idea why he did tat! april looked exhausted playing 2 games.. cant blame her. hahah i haf to work on everything again from running to shooting. im a bloody slow faggart! the only thing i can do now is defend. ahah btw i fell 3 times today! aduh my arse! Kch high was so rough man! Chung hua was still okay la. they were quite friendly and at least they smiled when we shook hands. heheh i recognised one of the chung hua girls from last yr when i accidentally sorta punched her eye. heehe feel terrible.. but hey tats bball i guess.

well we got another game tomolo morning. shit hope it isnt against Kch high! whew.. will post again tomolo to tell u about it.. if i haf any readers tat is. crap sucky day.. immediately slept after showering.. so tired! i haf foudn the 2 feelings really gets u down. the feeling of dissappointing ur team/coach and the feeling tat we could haf done better but after all like everyone says.. its just a game:) LaTeRsSsss...

mwahaha watch out JLo SNgu's here! 1:49 AM

hahah im so retarded i noe.. :P hahah anyway im extremely happy today! hahaah my relatives..parents..blah blah said my diet was showing but i obviously nvr believed them cos its always either trying to make me happy for wat.. 3mins? or just wanting to get smtg from me so duh i din believe them this time either. but when i tried on my last yr jeans for church just now.. and surprisingly it felt so big! mwaahaha im so pleased!! who would haf thought my pathetic on-and-off diet would work! hehe but according to my dad, its not the dieting.. its the hormones in me or smtg like tat.. well either way THANKS ABUNCH! :P

haha anyway todays Good Friday! the day Jesus came bck to life! heheh church was fun just now.. the song was really cool n it just hit the spot if u noe wat i mean. '..im sorry for the things i made it.. its all bout u.. its all bout u Jesus..' and '.. im coming bck to the heart of worship.. and its all bout u.. all bout u Jesus..'

wow.. great song.. :) ehhe i dunoe why but nowadays the things i look forward to is mostly goin to church. maybe its cos Miffy will be there and im gona haf a chatty friend to keep me company or its God drawing me in to his circle. i sure hope its God! :) hehe well yesterday yesterday was Hamidah's bday! we went to her place rite after skool after buying a barrel of KFC(21 pieces!)! haha it was so cool hanging out wif ham again after not being able to see her for more than a week! she definately grew.. bigger.. fatter not so but her head grew bigger! it was like JoJo.. her heads being than her body! hehe anyway we ate n laughed like hyenas when we watched Joseph on DVD! the best part was when hams older sisters turned up! wooohoo! anisa rocks! shes so crazy n it just like the older version of ham!

laughed and laughed and had a great time at dinner! ahaha then we painted all our faces wif the coloured 'crayons' thanks to sarah! hehe so fun! i dunoe why but i tink whoever painted me was just dull cos i was all black! joel was all purple.. rad had a moustache! ham just looked like a football supporter!:P btw dayah turned into doraemon tat nite! her eyes swelled up so big she looked like 3times cuter! i SAID THREE TIMES DAYAH! hehehe totally fun.. hams family is just the bomb! all laughing like idiots.. crap kinda sad anisa goin bck tomolo! :'( oh well i'll see her again during the Rainforest Festival!:) hehehe

btw today is Marisa Anggraini's 16th BDAY! did i get tat rite marisa? lol anwyay sorry i din chia u anything or give u ur bday presnet yet! its just hams bday left me alittle broke! hehe anwyay dun wory im gona get u smtg gooD! u can count on tat!

exams are nxt week! crap... gona fail.. gona fail.. my sejarah is dead.. geo remains a mystery.. maths is getting tough... science is surprisingly not so tough.. english teacher is a monster.. bm teacher is kinda boring... moral teacher is monster2... oh wait the real monster is cikgu diana leong! shes a freak! scares the heck out of me! PJK is just tiring.. yep tats bout it:P hehe hope to God i pass them! :) neways HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY! lol LaTeRsSsss...

Monday, March 07, 2005
Damai was so fun man!! 6:19 PM

hahaha damai was so fun! btw did u noe Damai is also nicknamed for 'Land Of Disgusting Adult Porn' and i mean really ADULT! i saw this really nasty man and woman. gross! anyway abunch of ppl went (mostly the joseph cast) just to run and play under the sun! ahhaah it was sooooo fun!!! the waves were sooo strong la! crap i stand for 20mins in the water i already half-dead. the waves are tooo strong but at least they're fun! :) hahaha it was soo great. the dumb waves hit me so hard i tumbled over many many times often causing injury to some of my friends.... heeh sry guys! of course there were a number of times i got pushed under the salty water where i couldnt breath! but it was still loads of fun! we had to stop when the stupid guard came and told her to go away cause the sign said 'Very Dangerous!'. Sien man! ehhe no big deal.. we just dug a hole and buried Val in it. hahaha it was hilarious!

we gave him balls, boobs, coloured hair and the most ridiculous body which had a tailfin btw. lol yea i noe! heheh there was even a small stream leading to the ocean. the water was soooo cold! wah so nicee just to lie there after a hot workout:) (by tat i mean running on the beach like an actor out of 'Baywatch') we took some pics and even discovered a cave! haha we were so freaked about going in but in the end we did and took afew pics again! haahha in the dark! i noe so sakai! :) hahaha but it was fun! later when we were joined by Muzzie and Akmal which just made things way better! ahahah we got so hungry we ate watver there was in the bags. ahhaah akmal and muz were so mean! they tried adding Nescafe powder into Ham's maggie mee cup but lucky for her the bag was empty so i added SUGAR into it! hahah we started laughing like mad and watched cruelly when Ham tasted it. First thing she said was 'why no taste one?' hahaha... we of course told her later when she was done wif it of course! but it was just our luck when she said she gave it all to Joel instead cause she said it tasted funny. joel must haf been starving cause he just ate it all up!

the part tat sucked was when muzzie, akmal and ham left! :'( sighh less laughter liaw. well wif bryant playing the guitar we all just sat around looking throught some lyrics. haha later we had a massive pillowfight! guys do pillowfight! omigoodness! i sooo din noe tat! haha anyway bryant was hilarious and so was everyone esle! rad run straight into the door! hahaha wat a dumbass! i couldnt stop laughing like an idiot! hahahaha poor guy! ahah we even jumped into the swimming pool in our clothes till the guard kicked us out! haha i couldnt believe it myself when i took my shirt off cause i wanted to swim so badly! hahaha! hope no one saw me!! eeek! dun wory it was back on in a sec! :) tat nite, we wandered around and found an extremely comfortable seat by the pool. so it was just us and the stars tat nite. they were really shining tat nite. the brightest i haf even seen so far. later we played pool at the bar. the tab was on barnaby who showed up from nowhere all of the sudden. anways 4sprites1cola adds up to RM25.40! omg im like :O hahaha crap damai so expensive! well it turns out my pool skills well pretty much sucks! hahah when my car was finally here, i sat in the car for an hour nearly half asleep. the bones on my body were aching already and when i collapsed onto my bed, i fell asleep nearly immediately. i din even hear the 12 miscalls made from joanne and joel and ham. proves how much of a pig i was Saturday nite. LaTeRsSss....

Here r some puzzles of pics we took there:) enjoy! and good luck!

Saturday, March 05, 2005
Joseph And The Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat 9:06 AM

i just want to say... its been a great pleasure doing joseph. it tooked 3-4 months but it was all worth it. thanks to joseph i met so many new ppl, learnt i can do something if i set my mind to it and also i have the priceless memories that will forever stay with me. infact i feel sorry for the ppl like the audience who didn't participate in it but then again the audience did dance to the songs like Pharoah so i guess they enjoyed the show too.

on the first nite which was just for students, we performed our best. many ppl already said our first nite was the best because we were all so psyched about the whole thing and i tink they're rite. the only thing tat was keeping it from becoming the best show was the audience! dun get me wrong the audience were okay but its just they acted as if they were all dead! when we were dancing no one danced and tat just made me alittle sad. i mean here we are dancing and singing wif all we got, and it wouldn't kill u to show some encouragement or support. ah wtver... mrbill said it was very good so i guess tat only matters.

on the 2nd nite which was Rusydie's turn to be Joseph, the audience was much better! they got up and started dancing hahaha and of course rusydie's whole family were in the crowd dancing and cheering him on and i thought tat was really sweet. hahha radhie was doing who-knoes-wat during the Pharoah scene. hahaha sry man but u kept me smiling all nite thanks to ur pathetic dancing! hahahahaha sry! the wonderful finale was when everyone gave flowers to rusydie. tat was really sweet. Ham and Marisa were there too. thanks for showing up u guys:)

on the 3rd nite we had important people! or did they show up? haha sry i din really notice. anyways we were giving these booklets of the show as souvenirs and we could ask the cast to sign them which we all did in a rush! hahah they were pictures being snapped in all directions and i just got really sad tat i didnt tink of even bringing my camera!!! haha well we did a good show and dayah was present tonite wif her family and stuff. Muz 'was' the stagecrew.. haha but i dun tink he helped much... haha jk muzzie!! hehe well we did a good show tat nite too. val's parents were there and his mum even gave him a bouquet of flowers at the ending. Sehkim too. (joel's auntie) tat was so sweet. backstage joel started crying like mad so did val and everyone esle! so im like standing in the centre of everything with a errmm-r-u-ok-?-its-just-a-show-man look on my face! hahah all the girls(i saw) took advantage of the situation and sneaked the opportunity of giving a hug to val. hhaah ... ookokok! so i got a hug too but he hugged me! hahaha jk jk!:)

on the 4th and final nite, it was rusydie's turn. frankly i was kinda sad it had to end. it took us 3-4 months to do this show and now its all coming to an end:'( i mean the past nites flew by so quick! it hardly felt like 2hours had passed. sighh im gona miss this soo much! joel was looking gloomy and this time i brought my camera!! haahha i took a few shots of everyone just to help me rekindle this moment in many years to come like when im 50yrs old with no teeth. i at least i can be proud and say in an extremely croakly voice, "Joseph! arrr... i was in tat!'. btw we had really important guests tat nite! the chief minister's wife showed up so did ham's mum and some other important people. it was great cos we shaked their hands while singing as well at the ending which was asked as an encore! haha yea tat was a great feeling just standing under the spotlight smiling like an idiot:) hahaha well i seriously enjoyed myself alot and i met alot of new friends too who now i wonder how on earth could i haf gone by this world and not meet all of these incredible people now also known as my friends. thanks u guys :)

well tats all i got to say... ehehe JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLORED DREAMCOAT u rock! GO GO GO JOSEPH! hahah rock on:) LaTeRsSsss....