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Monday, April 25, 2005
Sports Dayy!! GO RED HOUSE! 1:19 AM

hhaahha red house won!! k k start wif the beginning.. woke up at 6am.. figured it was still too early to be up.. stayed in bed for 20mins then calculating the distance and time.. realised i should get up now! so woke up.. woke diana.. changed clothes.. got in the car.. realised.. im goin to get baptised.. today!! diana drove to church and at tat time there were already so many ppl there and it was only 7am! knelt infront of the stage as instructed and started praying. miffy still wasnt there! hmpf! late typical! haha jk!

well after the prayings, we walked up to the stage where there was this like square hole in the ground filled wif clear water. ahaah miffy was first and i was second haaahah and we were both like so nervous! hahah my palms got alil sweaty and i was just hoping to God He'll welcome me wif open arms. when miffy got in the water.. pastor prayed for her then slowly dipped her in the water. then she was up the next minute. some lady grabbed my hand and took me down. boy, was the water cold! but it was soo refreshing when pastor pushed me in. honestly im alil disappointed cos i sort of expected smtg... i dunoe.. im not complaining but i dunoe.. maybe i was expecting too much... anyway cynthia,jon,miffy and sophia followed my car to Jubilee Ground. there were already many many many ppl there! some were running some were cheering some were selling food! YUM! i havent eaten all day since saturday! had to prepare for the baptism.

anyway turns out my event, 4X400m was the 3rd last event! wahh.. need to wait sooo long! so during my free time i just silently thought of mean things to do to cikgu govin for kicking me off 2 events! hehe jk jk jk! i just hang out wif phoebs wandering around. thank God the nuggets werent bad! heehe ok so skipping all the interesting details which im too lazy to type.. saw many ppl running.. cheered like mad for them! weather was sooo hot! ham got 2nd last for 1500m but at least she din get last la :) so she joined me as a supporter of all colours! hmm it was kinda fun but hot too! i got so nervous i drank so much water! and i din use the toilet cos ham told me it was sickeningly GROSS! the boys toilet adour could be sniffed from outside! yuccck! so we get this announcement tat red house and blue house is tied! ahah so we're so psyched tat we cheer louder! haha but so many ppl got injured.. grace was crying i tink.. when she finished first for.. err.. some event. hmm mel fainted once.. hmm nurjas had some injury.. couple of ppl nearly fainted as well.. its soo scary to see them like suddenly collapsing on the ground.

well thank God it started raining in the last few events. it was a miracle! hahah it got heavy then light again! darnit! when wong smtg passed me the baton (how to spell? :P) i just sprinted immediately! wrong move!! i wanted to slow down but elvina was like just infront of me and i wanted to pass her so badly. not to mention the rain had left big puddles at the side of the track and i got all wet when i stepped on them. i was afraid to even slip! so i just tried catching up but keeping up wif elvina was already a problem!! i haf no idea how she could just keep running constantly at tat pace! so like half way i was kind of struggling then the last lap WOAH! i couldnt feel my legs! literally the feeling in my legs vanished! ppl were cheering for their houses but i couldnt hear a thing at tat time! i nearly stopped cos i was so tired.. all i was tinking was 'geraldine grab the stupid baton and run!'

i fell to the wet ground, panting like mad! saw blur figures of boys and girls. heard familiar voices. started seeing familiar faces. remained on the ground. lost all feelings in legs. heard jeff wee saying move so the runners could run properly. wow thanks mr wee. i am fine. thanks for caring! started wobbling alittle but had joel to lean on. thanks buddy! haha i got so bored i threw my cup of disgusting tastless ice milo on ham just for fun! haah too bad it splashed and hit jeff wee and miffy. luckily jeff wee was surprising in a good mood so he didnt yell at me! too bad miffy wasnt in the mood. recieved a slap! ouuch! :P oh well skipping everything again.. wait RED HOUSE WON! gerald lee announced to everyone! hahah took some pics for the skool magazine and left. ate delicious baku teh and took a 4hr nap! :) so overall it was a good day :D

Saturday, April 23, 2005
One Way Concert 11:27 PM

woohoo.. one way was fun man! haha i loved the jumping part. it felt like ntg mattered anymore.. only God! haha great feeling!:) only problem was it was soooo hot!! i keep asking miffy to go but in the end she couldnt make it n went to church instead for the usual saturday nite prayer meetings. wen i arrived.. i saw tons of ppl! but wen i got infront of the stage.. there were like four times more ppl!

saw lodgians.. and many other ppl from all different skools n stuff. it was pretty cool seeing soo many ppl turning up. esp when we started singing 'Best Friend'.. woooooo!! tat got the crowd on its feet! perfect timing cos joel n val just arrived so like i had buddies to jump wif! i shouted so loud till i nearly lost my voice but i still dun tink anyone heard me except joel who was rite beside me..:P anyway heeh i got so sweaty!! my throat was constantly dry from the yelling! anyway my parents came abit too early! the song 'One Way' rocked too! well i got home sweaty and tired but very happy! :P hahah well tats bout it.. tomolos Sports Day and my baptism! nervous? yes! haha k well LaTeRsSsss...

Monday, April 18, 2005
farahs party is whack! :) 6:49 PM

haha so like rad n joel came over tis morning to do their geo project wif me n ham but when i called sleeping beauty.. she was still in bed! she replied wif an extremely sleepy voice.. aiyar so i did my share of the work myself whereas she agreed to doing her share before hanging up. sighh having rad n joel over was fun. been a long time since joel came over but i dun tink rad ever came over before.. maybe once but tat was in primary 6. he only stepped in my house for like 5secs then we went out to the state library to 'study'. anyway we went online for awhile just to mess around wif some ppls brains then we went to watch Resident Evil:).. i borrowed the dvd from crystal so figured mite as well watch it.

but around the middle of the movie, we got hungry and decided to go to 'the colours' which isnt very far frmo my house. outside was hot and i was so thankful when we reached the cold place. ate then walked home again and finished off the rest of the movie then got started on our geo project. hahah joel was like very determined to finish his project whereas rad was just surfing the net talking to ppl. hahah when we made some progress in our work, we took out farahs gift and wrapped it up in a quite nice wrapping paper. joel wrote a ton of strangers names on the wrapping for fun then rad wrapped over it again wif abunch of newspaper! he used up a whole roll of spellotape(as joel would call it). insane idiot!

anwayy i was sms-ing miffy n she wanted to come over so she did after her tuition n we all just hung out at my place till it was time to go to Tom's. we reached too early! so just sat down n tried to slept:) miffy wanted to go shopping cos the clothes she wore were not nice according to her so we walked to tun jugah! our shopping was unsuccessful so she wanted to go to riverside but thank Lord it started raining so we had to run back. when ham got there wif farah, everyone started screaming 'surprise'! hehe then the bday girl started crying n smiling. haha moving on, we got to the food later which was yummy! i love the spaghetti and chicken wings!! they even had my fave... ONION RINGS! hehe i haf no idea wat was wrong wif anisa cos she just HAD to share plates wif me.. :S well then we got to the dancing.. haha as usual i wasnt one of those whackos aka ham n sisters dancing! haha it was so crazy. the lights went off and the flashing green one went on. madness total madness :P

miffy just wanted to keep taking pics! i haf no idea how many we took tat nite! tons i suppose! anyway the party ended wif cake being smashed into farahs face then later mine. thanks to anisa i not only had again a hair full of oily cream n cake but she pushed me n i slipped on the creamy cakey floor! my right side pants was completely creamy! then miffy had to splash water all over me outside the bathroom. hehe fun but so dirty n messy! btw did i mention muz showed tis video clip of ham n farah dancing in Ciara's '1 2 step'. haha so funnny! so later my mum came to pick us up. she was complaining the car smelt of sardines or smtg when we got in. obviously it was the cake on my clothes n the cake on miffys hair n face:P fun! sigh wish we could haf more stuff like tat:) k LaTeRsSsss...

Saturday, April 16, 2005
Belated Bday Party 1:06 AM

well today was fun as usual.. got a extremely short at least 5 seconds call from joel last nite saying 'bring extra clothes tomolo! ask ur mum! after skool! no questions! bye!'... then click... he hung up.. so obviously i just sat there confused whether to call back or not but i didnt in the end and thankfully RADHIE called me later wif a better and slower approach. i figured we were goin to the movies or smtg after skool but i was kinda off target.

instead ham,joel,rad and i went to Mita to buy a cake for me! woohoo! but then the last icecream cake was already sold to someone esle! darnit! so we walked to Taka in town and bought a cake from there! hehe they cincai picked one and we walked to McDs for lunch or early dinner. anisa was there wearing this funny baju kurung.. just isnt like her at all lol.. so we ate and then we had a mini-food fight.. i was so scared we mess up McDs! and they just had to scream the bday song so darn loud and shouting 'ITS HER BDAY! ITS SANDRAS BDAY!' till one of the workers came over and asked whose bday it was. she seemed nice so we offered her a slice of cake(pathetically and very poorly sliced by ham) and the smart lady rejected. seriously ham couldnt cut the cake at all lol. cant blame her.. the cake was quite hard lol! even the cream hardened! so in the end, i ended up wif chili/tomato sauce on my forehead which eventually went to my eyes.. thanks rad! i created a new type of hair gel made from food products wif the help of my two co-workers, joel and ham. 'we' used stuff like cream, cake, oatmeal, and french fries. really good. sure to do good in the market!

anyway anisa was really retarded and funny! ahah when their car arrived, both retarded sisters started screaming 'its SANDRAS BDAY EVERYONE! ITS HER BDAY! OH I WANT UR AUTOGRAPH!' to a bunch of chinese tourists. lol so funnnny! started laughing like mad.. suddenly we all got alil high and laughed till rads veins popped out again. lol retards. hehehehe fun times.. sigh.. and we even picked up farahs bday pressie later on and i had to leave already! it was getting dark and late and i was late for church! :) plus my hair was really sticky and really looked like i used hair gel or smtg. so i had to wash it all out PRONTO! hmm had a nice time in church and here i am...:) waiting for tomolo and waiting to see wat it brings:)

just did this acouple of days ago for fun.. felt bored during exams:) for my friends who rock!:)

Thursday, April 14, 2005
Training to run! 9:04 PM

heyy.. haha today we had PJK which was running 4X400m... wah so fun! very competitve man! the fastest time among the form2s is 64seconds.. my group got 68seconds!!! arggh!! my group consist of Sam,Zoe,Joyce and myself. reaally fun :) my leg 'muscles' aches like mad after running... havent put them to much use in a long time :P... quite tiring man! under the hot hot HOT sun again! later become black like ham.. :P hahah jk! well anyway ham and i agreed to train again after skool on the tat day but before we get to tat part.. lets go back to COMPUTER period! hahahah!

computer time was soooo fun! the work cikgu nelson gave wasnt very difficult so i finished it without the HELP OF JOYCE cos she went high or smtg and just got lazy.. lol luckily wasnt hard work or i die lor! anyway after i was done we all got around in a group and played the ever-popular game of 'DARE'.. its so fun! we dare each other to do the most disgusting/hilarious things! :P hahaha ok my dare was to pull down Tim's pants which was so baggy and practically falling off anyway so i did! haha it was much easier than last week's which was to grab Joshua's arse giggling like a retarded 10yr old or smtg. lol anyway haahah i pulled down tims pants like 3 or 4 times cos they all dared me to. when i say 'they' of cos i mean radhie,ham and joel and phoebs... haha ok anyway later was joels turn which was to 'accidentally' hit geraldines chest. lol he din do it! geraldine got suspicious in time.. hehe so in the end he hit me! but thank God he only got my arm!(tats when we made the rule 'cannot touch the ppl in are daring') hheehe then it was rads turn which was to.. well similar to joels i guess

only he failed because sharifah realised smtg was wrong. hehe so he went for phoebs! Ewwww!! rite on target!! and rad started laughing so hard his veins popped out and his mouth just opened really really big wif no sound coming out. lol very funny when tat happens.. and phoeb! phoeb was smiling! TALK BOUT CREEPY! haha jk! anyway phoebs dare was to rub her chest against the cheekist guy in class, Ashley Lee. haha i din dare her to do tat! it was joel and rad! AND SHE DID IT! omg! i cant believe she did it! if it was me i would haf said NO! but she did it and gave a very cheeky smile! Ewwww! Ashley just sat back smiling! EWWW!! ahhaah so in the end was HAMs turn! heahaha since we all noe ham and franklin have this major THING goin on between them.. we dared her into grabbing his arse like last week. lol ahah franklin obviously sensed smtg cos Keith just had to run over and shout 'COme on HAM! Franklin's here!' .. fOooooooOOOoooL!

so like franklin got suspicious and cornered his arse to the wall shouting for cikgus assistants.. lol retard so in the end we settled for Joshua and Moses! hahaahah! ham went over and just wif a quick giggle pinched joshua hunkilicious buttock and ran off smiling like a freak! lol seriously.. wats goin on wif them? im getting suspicious.. lol jk! anyway just before we left class, ham was forced to grab moses's! actually i tink she wanted to! poor girl getting hornier each day:P.. hahah

k k so later we went training and i saw miffy there! she was wif cassandra.. so we just started running.. seriously had to train for sports day man.. so after 2rounds.. rest rest chat wif miffy.. run abit wif her but too tired liaw.. so later val and joel came and we all went to Unishop for the yummy oily fattening burger! :P hehe so yummy.. din eat the whole day! so in the end, we din run anymore.. later grow tat worm in ur tummy! instead we took pictures!! hehe wif miffys camera.. nah u can see down here. btw i just heard my baptismal day is the same as sports day! eeek! so screwed! hopefully i get baptised in time for the 1500m... aduh hope got time!!!! well cya LaTeRsSsss...

me miffy and ham just hanging out :P in the park

joel and miffy... hmm getting pretty close arent they? lol jk

haha the dork side of valentio! who would haf known? haha sry val

Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Nickleback - Someday 6:49 PM

just thought tis mite add some music to my completely silent web.. enjoy

Music Codes Central

Sunday, April 03, 2005
exams + lazyiness = doomed sandra 6:55 PM

aaduhh got exam already.. sighh! science was a bust! :( wat is constipation? aaaahh! im so screwed for science.. hope i pass!:( sejarah wasnt as difficult but it was still a 30% pass i tink.. no idea.. aaah so scared! tomolo is geo! aaahh! the subject tat always remained a mystery to me! aaaahhh! sigh ok lets change to happier topics.. hmmm happy topics.. wait.. hang on.. finding...

oh yeaa.. im goin to KL nxt week! haha and skipping one day of skool! woohooo! tink tats my parents way of saying 'happy bday'. hahah love parents! but actually i had second thoughts bout goin to KL.. i will be wasting a whole weekend in KL! where i can be having fun here in kch wif my friends! hmm maybe i'll ask my dad if i could possibly not join them.. heeh wat to dooo?

well anyway i've been goin to church alot more recently.. and i dunoe why.. hehe last time i was so lazy to go.. but now i jump at any opportunity of goin! hahaha hope tats a good thing:P maybe its cos im too bored at home.. or its cos im gona see my friends there.. or maybe its cos miffy will be there... or maybe cos i wan to show off my singing skills! lol jk jk! i tink its the fun of being there hanging out wif new ppl n getting to noe God more and more at the same time. i wen on friday nite and tat was just cool! it was like a rock concert all of the sudden and we were all jumping n jumping in the air singing! hahah last time my feet were glued to the ground but now.. wif diff ppl i actually joined in the fun. it was pretty cool jumping and moving to the sound of the music. i made a couple of new friends there too thanks to miffy. i just realised i love God and i love to worship him. He is the Kings of all Kings, the Lords of all Lords, my Healer, my Saviour, my Father.

Pastor Lim is pretty cool too. he isnt like one of those boring dull pastors who just go on yapping and yapping till falling asleep becomes a church activity. he makes jokes.. he does funny expressions.. he noes how to get us paying full attention and most importantly he can move and sing! hahah i used to go to church few years ago but i didnt understand a thing tat was happening so i just had no interest but now.. i see and understand wat i've been missing.. i thank God for making me see the errors of my ways. btw if anyone is interested in goin the place is called Blessed Church. ask me if u wan more info. hopefully we mite increase the number of ppl in church. so far we managed to get to 1000ppl and tats not much. so maybe one day everywhere u turn u will see Christians together worshipping Jesus Christ. Amen. LaTeRsSsss...