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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
first day of skool.. 6:35 PM

hahaha yaaay.. skools bck! :P crap i sound like such a dork.. haha anyway i love skool! :P i mean i love it now la. cos form 2 but wen form 3-5.. -_-" hahah i guess. anyways it was cool to see everyone again.. wah nobody change at all.. :O .... hahha only ham.. she straightened her 'Shaggy-Wannabe-Hair' to a really straight one la.. haha so weird.. not used to seeing her like tat.. haha oh well :P

crap one thing i really dislike is getting up so early in the morning for skool.. but besides tat its all good :) hahah hmmm damn lot of tests coming up la.. i got like a C i tink for my science test.. just got it bck today :( ... haha but i dunoe y i dun really give a damn bout it.. just look for awhile then 'oh ok' hahah :D ... hmm got science test AGAIN on friday.. hmm better study.. kinda sick of everyone beating me.. sighs.. so watch out ppl.. :P haha jk jk

during art.. (btw art rocks :P) cikgu chai ask us to do some origami paper thingy.. no idea y.. to make some pineapple shaped thingy.. ahah anyway hams,rad,rach,phoebs and myself were sitting together in a group laughing at everything.. well actually only ham and i were laughing.. :P rach and phoebs so hardworking arr.. keep doing so serious like tat.. rad too.. SURPRISINGLY! :O hahah jk.. anyway i was helping by cutting the papers to small pieces.. using hams RUSTY penknife.. without looking at wat i was doing cos too busy talking to ham.. i accidentally cut my own thumb.. lol!

talk bout being careless.. wah the blood keep pouring out.. rach was the first to react.. lol ham.. as usual kept laughing -_-".. as usual.. rad is my hero! .. and nurse.. haha he was so kind and helpful. sort of. :P i wen to the sink and spilled abit.. hehe on the sink.. hehe.. and they kept on laughing at me.. no one bother to help me bandange my thumb.. so kind uh? my fds again.. wah.. :P hehe jk anyways i freaked when rads told me the blade was rusty.. hehe so dr.farzana and dr.tan took me down to the office for 'dentol'.. dunoe wat is tat some kind of soap or smtg i tink.. anways wah the sick bay so comfortable! the bed so nicee.. lol sakai ;).. the pro dr.farzana decided to take an early break as she was needed in the bathroom.. so she LEFT me.. yes she LEFT ME in my CRUCIAL TIME OF NEED! hahahh nahh just talking rubbish here but it was kinda fun :)

then just now eating out wif my pars.. halfway drinking my 'teh ci peng'.. the whole glass just explode! :O.. i was inshock hahah.. din even both moving away when the whole drink spilled on my uniform.. haha look quite funny.. haahah so happppppy.. even tho rach & ham did a rather hideous job on the bandage.. it showed they care.. very little! ;P hahahahah anyways gotta go study.. lol yea as if.. just trying to sound hardworking ;P :) LaTeRsSsss...