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Sunday, July 24, 2005
YAAY!!!! yahooooo!! 7:45 PM

oh before i start.. friday was the gaval installation.. saw tons of inters there.. TONS! wahliew.. some of them wear till like.. woah! is tat necessary? lol hehe anyways played bball wif tim and joey and acouple of really funny stjo guys.. so annoying man.. i asked so many ppl to go only 2 turn up.. wat the heck? so sien.. aduh.. oh yea saw marisa and val too! wahh marisa totally change man.. she looook so pretty again.. haahah val looked cute too.. hahah they both look like a couple or smtg... hahah how sweet ;) just sucks i left so early.. sighs!!!!

hahaha k so anyway coach told us on wednesday tat me and emm mite be asked to go to the kch bball team tryouts.. we both din get any calls so we're like ok la.. maybe its nxt week or smtg.. but then emm called me and woke me up on saturday all excited saying the training was today! i was like 'oh crap! wat time?! did we miss it?!' then she said 'no la. its at 2pm! mel just told me. tiff mel and april selected also!' hahah i was so excited.. jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs.

the training was pretty cool. it wasnt very tiring just kinda made my body sore all over. quite alot of players there including lots of familiar faces frm the mayorscup competition. wahliew.. the kch&swak players were there also. they were training wif us and omg.. they're so good. they all seem pretty friendly la thank God.. hmm we ran abit.. then started shooting alil.. the coach was really good too. he helped me alot in my freethrow and stuff. hmm wat esle? quite fun la! tats all i can say! it was pretty fun playing la. then wen we finished, the coach said sunday got training again.

i had to skip the the last hour of church to get to the place on time. turned out i was kinda early.. -_-"... hahah anyways it was fun la! the court was nice too.. 2 courts in the stadium.. very niceee :) perfect atmosphere for bball.. so later everyone esle arrived then we warmed up and the training begun! heheh wah.. i saw one girl.. super tall.. i was wondering yesterday y she wasnt there cos shes so tall.. then only today i saw her.. kuching player again.. wahliew.. so tall! taller than me!! eeeks!! noooooo! ;P hahaha anyways then later.. before we ended, the coach made us line up and he said smtg bout only 7players would be chosen for the kch team thingy. shit.. 7 only?!?! out of like 20ppl there! shit.. i looked at emm and was like crap!! then he named all of them.. and the final 6th person.. he said....... my name............. :| shit.. at first i couldnt understand wat he was saying cos he spoke chinese so fast! i just heard my name.. hahaa the happiest moment.. of my year! :) hahaah WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! sooooo happppy!!! the training starts friday at 7pm so tat means i hafta miss youth nite.. eeks.. hope my leader understands.. anyway... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! I MADE THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

thanks God!!! ahaha yea so tats bout it.. haha cant wait for friday.. sighs.. ;)LaTeRsSsss...