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Sunday, August 28, 2005
my week.. :) 9:54 PM

monday was a game against bintulu. wow tat was a good game. the best i tink.. it was so fun too. heheh bintulu were leading in the first few minutes than kuching caught up so fast. i cant remember the score now but it was like 60-40 i tink? or tat was wif another game. anyway it was a great game. i shot in like 4 baskets.. eheh all lucky ones if u ask me :P i was so happppy.. lol not to mention my whole family actually wen to support me. :$ my whole family! wen coach put me in at the last quarter.. haha they were cheering and screaming everytime i made a basket. it was kinda embarrassing but funny. heheh. oh then tat nite was the opening ceremony. i saw the older kch girls player. they were great. so smoooth. my fd told me they were the champions for 3yrs straight already. wahh.. :O

no game today so i wen to play bball in skool wif annabelle and cynthia. crap la suppose to be more ppl go but in the end only 3 of us playing. play for awhile nia..
hmm.. then later go to joeys house. walked to tims house cos play bball.. tats y we were suppose to do but instead just talk abit then go walk to the shops near tims house in BDC there. havent eat yet mah.. hmm later wen joel,ash,fred,des,joey,keith,clement.. everybody la were there we walk to keiths house.. so far.. so hot again.. suppose to go swimming but everybody no mood to swim so only swim awhile nia.. crap.. then go watch 'Thirtheen'.. Rachel Evan Wood act inside one.. smtg bout some kuai girl make the wrong fds then go bad la.. i tink.. i left during the movie. sighs.. so tired again.. sleep like pig man.. hehehe :P

game against miri. there was tis one girl who was about average height. taller than all her teammates.. wow she kept screaming and shouting to her team. whenever kch made a basket, she shouted at all of them. i dunoe how her team can tahan her. if me i already scream back at her. so siaw siaw.. ahha oh btw kch won again :P hehe oh and su fen fell and somehow tore her pants. hahaha so like in the middle there got a hole.. hahaha so funny.. then chiah hui i tink her name. exchange wif her.. haha so funny.. then chiah hui was like trying to cover her pants wif her towel the whole time. so funny :P

against sri aman. sri aman was pretty easy. but i dunoe wat happened to me. i completely SUCKED! guess i was too excited or smtg.. so sakai man.. lol. everytime someone pass me the ball.. i just shoot immediately. barely aiming i tink. haha one time someone did pass me the ball and i was quite close to the net. one sri aman girl wasnt very near me and i could haf easily driven in for a lay up but instead i caught the ball in mid air while running and i landed on one leg and jsut shot the ball like tat. without even waiting for both of my legs to be on the ground.. hahah kinda funny if i tink bout it now.. and STUPID! aduh... really terrible tat game.. only got one basket in but still i really really sucked. make myself sad nia.. aduh aduh.. :|

go to ashleys house today. just for fun.. cos ash keep calling me. peg,steph were at his house mah doing their BM oral.. so kuai.. hehe during the hols i just play and play nia. hehe err play bball in ash house. first time i go his house i play his ring.. haha dunoe y last time i nvr touch the ring. hehe so play and play. so hot man! then ash wan to play airgun again. aduh i din wanna play but then the stupid guy go shoot me. so painful arrr!! :P haha so kolian desmond man! during the 'war'.. me n joey were on break..reloading our guns and des was like all alone on the 'battle field'.. he got ambushed hahah and suffered a shot in the face by ash. so big man!! immediately it like swell up and got a spot of blood.

look like pimple like tat. heheh so kolian.. after tat i dun wan play anymore. ash ordered pizza and we all ate it.. yummy.. but the new one.. wif the super cheesy or corny crust is gross! yuckk.. make me so full.. play play bball till soooooooooooooooo hot.. then.. go home la.. so tireeed.. aduhai.. tat nite go to youth nite cos got the bible test. actually bible MOCK! hehe it was kinda funny cos diana n i din really study yet mahh! then we just go like tat and sit for the test. hahah both of us kept on laughing during the whole test.. the whole big room is like so quiet quiet like tat.. then suddenly can hear 2 stupid girls laughing at the questions. some of the questions is so funny. like i remember one they put A(Simon), B(Simeon), C(Xiashi, the beauty), D(Xiashu, the watermelon)... <<<<<< hahaahhaahahah i just suddenly laugh aloud.. hahah so funny.. i got super super low.. 33%.. aduh.. paiseh man.. hope i do better on the real test. eeeeks.. hehehe

the game of miri against samarahan today too. before our game.. i was cheering for miri to win cos i tink they very kolian din win.. too bad samarahan won. anyways todays against sibu. from wat i heard i thought sibu was really really tough but kch i dunoe y damn good also la. it was kinda intense i guess. they were pretty good. and the score was quite close la but lucky kch managed to beat them. quite close the score. cant remember how much now la.. hehe errr su fen nearly fainted .. she couldnt breathe or smtg. and the whole team was like panting and puffing. lol yea it was tat intense. but anyway we made it to the finals!!!!!!!!! :)haha my cousins,my sis n serena n mingie(lol) were in the audience. hehe got one girl from sibu tat was reallly really big but her free throw was so goood. siiiiiighhhs

Sunday: (Final Match)
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.. todays against samarahan. last game.. finals.. eeek! first quarter they were leading by like 17-0. then 2nd quarter kch caught up to 17-7. aduh aduh... the whole game i was shouting,screaming and cheering like crazy. it was so exciting. finally kch managed to catch up to a tie. so it was like 25-25.. then slowly increase la. wahh i tell u everytime kch scored we all cheer like shit. even angebi and the older kch girl team at the back were cheering like crazy also. it was kinda funny.. then in short.. we managed to get 43-47. hahaha WOOOOHOOO! last quarter we were leading.. my coaches were screaming.. yea screamign to everyone to play slow.. waste time.. aduh.. so exciting.. i was screaming like shit also not sure if they understand me.. in english.. hehe then we won!! :)

hahah sooo cool.. wen i wen to shake hands.. one girl was crying.. aduh so kolian. but it was a close game. kch rocks!! :) i earned my first paycheck.. hehe coach gave me RM28.. it was the training fee. at first i was like 'huh? shouldnt i be paying u?'. he said it was RM2 for everytime i wen for training. cool uh? lol then later was even better news. he said we were goin to celebrate in Hilton! the nxt morning for lunch! hahaah.. kinda coool.. hehe last time i wen to Hilton was like last or 2 yrs ago i tink.. hmm.. then tat nite was the closing ceremony. saw cynthia and kitty. so exciting man.. sighs :) haha we got tis plastic cheaplak gold medal then we took a pic wif the head of basketball or smtg. dunoe who la.. then oh wait they selected the sarawak team. so envious.. Vicky,Su Fen,Ee Mei,Ee Wei and another girl got in. hehe sighs oh well.. :) LaTeRsSsss...

Saturday, August 20, 2005
the past.. the present.. the future.. 5:30 PM

wow so much stuffs been happening all around me. first off.. my bf hams dad passed away.. tat was kinda sad.. ham wasnt really the same for awhile.. hope she'll be alrite now onwards.. hmm wat esle? been goin to training every nite for the past.. err.. been training hard for the past 4weeks.. sighs.. time fly by so fast.. so fast already tomolo is the competition liaw. against miri tomolo. saw them just now after we were done taking pics wif the guys n girls n the coaches for the newspaper i tink. really really hot day.

wah they look alrite i guess. some of them look so scary scary like tat. some quite friendly.. eeks.. havent start im already nervous.. got the jerseys today too.. number 14.. heeh tink im the only sakai one.. heheh been waiting for the jerseys for so long.. feel so happy now! even tho the colour not very nice la.. but oh wells... hehehehe :D :D hmm gona hafta skip church tomolo.. unless i go to the morning service one.. hmm.. yay.. i always wanted to go to the first service.. wanna noe how its like.. hmm :) errmm... miri miri miri miri.. eekks.. theres gona be scouts i tink.. they will be choosing the state players from tis comp.. kinda cool.

everyone in the kch team is either sarawak or kuching.. only me and 2 other girls dun haf the kuching jerseys last time. so cool. cant wait!! hope miri's easy.. dun wan a super team.. aduh.. feel all queasy inside.. tonite hafta sleep early liaw.. hmm.. :D just so haaappy.. AND1 sponsor the jerseys.. the coach got say the only reason AND1 sponsor is cos we got 2nd last year. Sarikei got 1st. tats y the jerseys like so nice nice one. :) he said so in tat case hafta try and get 1st or smtg so can get nice jerseys.. hheeh smtg like tat.. they all speak chinese..

i speak chinglish to them. half chinese half english. hehe i feel so dumb around them. im chinese but cant speak. only alil bit nia.. they're english is ok la some of them. very few can speak english properly. oh wells.. we always laugh wen we're trying to translate a word together and nobody noes how to say to the other person.. kinda funny.. the teams quite friendly and most of them r form 4,5s. form 2s the youngest i tink.. got form 3 also.. the form 4,5s dun need study kah? i always see them at nite training.. guess they must be pretty smart.. oh wells.. fingers r tired.. gona get some rest now. LaTeRsSsss...


Tuesday, August 02, 2005
report card.. sighs 6:24 PM

oh yeaaa... i forgot to say.... we got back our report cards and.......... my average............................................................. went up by 1.9 points.................................... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! haha so dumb i noe.. but at least din go down la.. sigghs.. got beaten by tim... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! the horror!! the humilation!! nxt term hafta beat him liaw.. so sien.. he beated me by 2 points i tink.. ONLY TWO!!!! arrrrghhh... and everyday he keeps reminding me bout it... argghh! i cant take it! I cant take it no more!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.. heheh.. anyway... hehe i beat joey.. HEHEHEHEHee :P :)LaTeRsSsss...