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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
funniest dinner i ever had to sit for.. lol 9:08 PM

alrite so wen to hams place to just hangout cos i havent seen her like since skool ended! tats so loong! since the guys were all in damai, i figured i check up on my blck aneroxic buddy. lol jk too bad rach wasnt thr. as predicted its like wat? 12pm i tink.. n i find her still in bed. n i thought only fat ppl sleep latee.. lol :P

phoeb came over too. played ps2. heard bout her thailand trip which sounded way much better than mine. she wen parasailing!! i wana do tat too :( well she got me some bracelets which were kinda cool.. heheh i wont tell u wat happened to the first one cos its just embarrassing.. anwaays she made like tis mushy sticky macaroni dish thingy tat was alrite i guess but it made me sick after i ate more of it.. hehe sry ham

so she invited me to tis dinner party thingy at crowne plaza wif her crazy sis n friends. i figured i could OC could wait for the nxt nite.. hehe bsides im sick at staying at home. its really boooring. sooo ham borrowed me tis fabulous looking top which i really really like for the dinner. kinda weird.. i actually like dressing up.

so the dinner went well i guess. it was kinda funny. honestly u cant find a bunch of lamer or funnier or bimbo-er group of girls.. they can just simply make u laugh for no reason watsoever. sha for example, whenever theres like a boring moment she starts giving ppl 'the EYE'. hahah shes so funny n cute it just makes u laugh. oh she sadly tried n sadly failed in flirting wif our waiter, Dominic Kho. haha a cute round guy who caught sha dancing infront of him. lol tat was just funny

akmal was thr too. wah so long havent seen mr.prefect! hmm wat esle? ok so thr i was sitting wif a group of girls who wen on talking n laughing at the lamest jokes ever. the only person i din really noe was karen. ham said she was really funny n kinda blur n i just thought it was mean yet kinda funny wen they all kept messing wif her head. anyways the lady singing was pretty good i guess. i dunoe her name tho.. haha well since danielle could speak chinese n sing alittle (incredible i cant even speak chinese tat fluently) the girls were waving the singer to come over to our table to give danielle a shot. it was hilarious. at least she tried.. lol funny..

after all tat the rest were sleeping over at hams place. it looked weird having so many ppl in hams room. i nvr seen such a crowd before.. lol too bad my dad has tis thing bout sleep overs so yea i din go. oh well at least i got to go out. so anyways just finished OC season 1. the annoying thing is tat one of hams DVDs has problems cos i cant watch it at all now :'( arrgh i hate it wen tat happens so im downloading some episodes frm season 1. hopefully it wont take forever! sighs.. i hope the whole set of season 3 comes out soon.. sighs OC rocks :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
wen the world gets in my face, i say haf a nice daaaaaaaay! 3:36 PM

la la la la.. hmm wen out again yesterday to des house. hmm.. so long havent blog.. err err.. watched Goblet Of Fire few days ago. tat was awesomeee! :)but they cut so many nice parts! :( sighs but guess trying to fit a 700paged book into a 2hr movie can be difficult so yea it was great :) hehe tat cedric guy quite cute but still perfer dan radcliffe :) wat happened to rupert?!? he has wrinkles! how old is he exactly?!?!? so saaad :( hmm tat cho chang not bad la.. so many ppl disagree n say so ugly etc. watever shit la but shes not bad leh.. bloody skinny too.. fleur also damn skinny.. wahliew.. wat british ppl eating?!?

anywaaays.. crap! des grew bigger! i tink he grew taller but he look like bigger! so like woaaaah... hehe des house was fun. talk talk talk.. go swimming.. haha shit sooo tiring man.. played wif des's bball. played like underwater-football. so difficult cos the pool so big! aduh.. it was nicee la :) hehehe then go to tat place nearby.. wats it called again? 'Gavillien' or smtg like tat.. the place still new.. ntg opened.. except tis cheaplak place tat sell chicken rice. lol .. haah on the way back it just suddenly started raining.

hahah run like shit bck to des condo. must looked kinda stupid lol. des the genius kept running in the rain even though got shade.. lol bodoh.. :P hehe freezing cold.. super strong wind.. play GTA St.Andreas! SOO FUN!!! :) hehehe soo fun!! so sakai.. i wan a PS2 la.. so desperate for one now.. i finally found the missing puzzle in my life.. lol hehehe I WAN A PS 2.. even though for PS3 coming out.. hmm whose selling? whoever selling CALL ME.. i really wana buy :)

hehe err err.. guess tats bout it.. goin to keiths house on wed.. hehe everyday go out.. oh yea.. the guys all goin to Damai la on friday! i wan go also!!! :'( my mama dun allow.. crap... mayb la if i praay to God n BEG like crazy! hehe sighs well anyways Lost is on. so nice! :) wonder wat happened in the end after the stupid pirates took the boy,Walt? so kolian.. sighs.. welll cyas gona play runescape now.. boreed girl.. sighs


Saturday, November 12, 2005
holydays..holydays..holydays.. PART 2 2:07 AM

wooohooooooooo.. 'Just Like Heaven' is such a nice moviee!! i laughed so hard.. lol tink it mite be bcos i havent gone out wif my fds for so long.. lol.. either way it was so funny.. lol laughed like craaaazy. lol phoebs bro wen too, gordon.. lol funny guy.. he laughed so damn hard too..lol.. wen to joeys house.. keith picked us up.. lol he supposedly dyed his hair green but couldnt tell at all cos it was dark n stuff.. wen pick other ppl.. n off to the movies :)

hmmm.. wen to blings after.. hmm wanted a mango smoothie but no more mango.. crap! the strawberry not very nice leh.. perfer the mango! :) hmm left kinda early.. lol around 11.30pm.. lol first time i wen out sooooo late.. latest i ever wen out.. WILD CHILD lol.. hmmm.. it was kinda fun.. liked it alot.. :)

should definately do it again sometime.. hehe oh n Harry Potter's coming out nxt week! so hafta watch it!! :) hehe Goblet of Fire.. oooo.. saw the trailer.. soooooooo niceee.. danradcliffe is so cute! so is rupert grint! :) errr.. tat cedric guy not bad.. should smile more tho in the posters. the err..wats his name again? oh yea Viktor Krum wasnt tat bad.. kinda fit the description.. hehe wow its 2am already.. was up talking to a buddy since like 12am lol sooo long.. my ear hurts.. my credit dropped like mad.. RM31.. lol n it was suppose to last me till like nxt year!! aaaaah... gotta get a job.. heard frm phoebs tat u can work at 'Westwood' for like RM13 a nite.. hmmm not bad eh? but hafta work frm 6pm-11pm or smtg.. hmm kinda lazy but interested :) who noes? ehheeh saw loads of students working.. so kuai.. hehe whereas im everyday at home playing online games.. lol tanks God for the blessings :P LaTeRsSsss...

Friday, November 11, 2005
holydays..holydays..holydays.. 6:00 PM

lalalalalal... wahh how long olredi we been on hols arr? hmm.. lets see wat ive done.. wen to keiths house agian.. pool party agian.. after the last day of skool.. FUN.. lol see phoebs friendster.. haha laugh like crazy wen i look at her friendster :) happy times.. oh n keith beat me in the NBA PS2 game.. CRAP!! :P

hmm goin out 2nite wif the gang.. lol the gang.. lol.. anyways first time im goin out so late.. movie finishes at 11pm i tink.. lol i am turning into a.. *DENG DENG DENG DEEEEENNNNG!*.... WILD CHILD!! lol... sighs.. im so damn sad.. lol.. seriously haf ntg better to do wif my time sighs..

oh yea im totally into Runescape again.. soo niceee.. met sooo many new ppl.. ;) lol errrr.. oh n i slept like at 4am smtg yesterday and 5am day before tat and 3am day before tat.... like i said im now a.... *DENG DENG DENG DEEENNNNNG!* WILD CHILD... someone call the police!! lol.. crap i realy am sadd.. :(

oo simpsons on.. GTG.. LaTeRsSsss...