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Friday, January 20, 2006
skooool skoooool!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:21 PM

wahhh.. its like wat 18th of January 2006.. lol havnt blogged in like forever. been busy. haha revising for tests and stuff. haha riteeeeeeeeeeeee. sighs. first day of skool. danny kueh who has become my FAVE BM TEACHER in my entire history of bm teachers. he is sooooo funnny. he talks like like.. super fast la! reminds me of keith but he talk faster. hahah hes so funny! first day of skool he already start wif a very inspiring speech. motivating us to study hard and that PMR is once in a lifetime thing. wen it passes and we dun get our As, we will regret for eternity etc etc.

all of which are true of cos. haha before i was like only in getting 7As for the sake of my parents' happiness but after meeting danny kueh i actually feel motivated. hahah i tink bout it more now and i wan 7As!!!!! I WAN 7AS!!! hahaha gona hafta work my arse off. no longer lazing around like during my younger years. sighs. goodbye happy life. hello a lifetime of books

hahah hmmm oh and the weirdest thing. i actually look forward to my bm lessons instead of my english ones! i hate.. no not hate.. despise english lessons wif Vivien Ng. shes so... argggh.. kinda irritating. I MISS MISS SU!!! heheh i like miss su's classes sooooo much more. vivien ng is kinda exaggerating. its like wat nearly our third week in skool and the only topics we covered are stuff like 'Making Critisms Work For You' and some stupid story bout 'The Lady Or The Tiger' and we just started 'Assertive,Passive,Agressive'. we've gone through tat stupid lady or tiger story so many times.. i despise it now!!!!!! DESPISE IT!!

hehehe oh miffys been cool. in the beginning i was still like trying to figure her out and now i tink i have. shes not as crazy as i thought.. shes CRAZIER!!!! hahaha but honestly shes alrite. her heart appears to be in the right place.. i said APPEARS.. haha not is! =P the first week was tough but now its kinda nice to haf her around. at least im not so lonely as last time. hahaha only thing is im nvr gona haf tat peace and serenity again! haha shes so damn loud! tat goes both good n bad ways.. hahah but its fun i guess =D like today she saved the day by waking me up for skool. i forgot! i woke at like 5.50am then thought 10more mins wont hurt.. then it bcome 6.38am! i jumped out of bed wen miffy came into my room. lol tink i did everything like in 10-15mins! hahaha im good =P

oh yea for PJK.. i am so PROUD of myself!!!! for the first time in my entire FAT life.. i ran 3rounds around the park wifout stopping!!! hahahah i noe la.. to the thin athletic ppl.. u must be tinking 'wat the heck?! only 3?' haha but its a big achievement for me k?!?! hehe either way we had to run 1500m which is 4rounds la round the park. the best time is like 6mins smtg secs but someone.. geraldine or grace i tink. i got 8mins 37secs! i am so HAPPY N PROUD OF MYSELF! NYAHAHAHAHA! even tho hehe errm... ham wasnt running properly cos she lazy/sleepy and joyce wasnt running cos she lazy run. lol stupiak girl. so i was at an advantage.. either way im pleased as hell! NYAHAHAAHAHHAAH!!! hehe oh the other day poor joey.. the boy who gets cramp like everytime.. haha i so nice! i bcome the samaritan and help him. hahaha so koliaaan.. stand thr in pain.. hahah poor fella. who ask him nvr warm up? sighs.. hehehe jking buddy

hmm wat esle? oh yeah yiyangs party thing. tat was fun! haha before goin joel was suppose to be at my house n we would go together. hahah then my dad surprised us and suggested we use the porshe. hahahahhhaah joel face was like =O + =D. hahaha so funnny. we drove to tabuan jaya then to town then finally go pizza hut which was like only 5mins frm my house. hahaha so fun! joel was like =O .. he got scared wen my dad stepped on the pedal and just slammed it! hahah damn funny. we were like an hour late! hahah but nobody noticed.. hehe except prolly bart..

hehehe but it was okay la i guess. haha it was a kinda small small gathering at pizza hut. just bart,yiyang,charles,marie,bart's church friend,aidan and some f4 girl,cynthia or smtg. it was soooooooooooooooooooo funny! =) i had a great time surprisingly. i wasnt expecting the party like last year cos last year joey keith n phoebe wen too. but tis year none of them came. Charles Ting, ladies and gentlemen.. is the funniest guy in like forever! hahah i forgot how fun he was. he used to be alil unsocial but now hes sooooo funny and friendly! hahaha he was one of the reason why i had so much fun. laughed so hard.

we kept teasing yiyang bout his admirers.. hahaha it was fun =) bought them both mugs, one from KL the other one i tink kuching. bart was entertaining his sis,aidan,his church friend n cynthia whereas yiyang and charles were making stupid jokes making both joel n myself to laugh like mad. hahahaha i nvr thought i could miss them so much! haha in class.. i jsut gotten so used to their absence i dun remember how fun they were. hahaha or bcame! hehaeheh funny ppl.. great time.. heheh then joel followed me home but in the car.. my cousin came to pick me up instead of just my mum. haahha and the car was FULL! hahahah joel was like so damn paiseh n was like scolding me under his breath.. i was so paiseh too! my cousin driving again.. so she had to send everyone to my house first before coming bck to pick me n joel.

hahahahah we waited for like 10mins outside KFC and it was drizzling. i tink i got alil high cos i laughed so loud. then yiyang n everyone esle came down frm pizza hut and joel n i immediately hid bhind the columns cos we told them we were leaving but we were still downstairs!!!!!!!!!! ahhahaahhaa so we ran into KFC n pretended to be customers.. laughing like mad silently.. haha at least i was laughing like mad.. joel was more embarrassed but i saw a smile =P hahaha it was fun. havnt had so much fun before.. hahaha definately a great start to a new year!

which reminds me bout new years eve. tats left for another time i guess =) LaTeRsSsss...