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Monday, February 20, 2006
woohoo in interzone! sprain my toe la.. ='( 7:48 PM

hahah hmm im not even gona talk bout the past now. too much to say. gotta make it short. got science n bm test tomolo. hmm soo.. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! we got into INTERZONE!! wohooo! i cant believe it! im so happppy! :) hahahah hmmm first match was against St.Mary. haha tat skool is so hip.. hahha they shake ur hand they do like those nigger-style way.. so funny.. esp tania.. ahahaha she thought they wanted to play tat thumb game.. hahhah score was 2-58! haha we won!! :) so sien they managed to score one basket in.. darnit! as they say 'break the egg' nia.. crapp

haha then it was against chung hua no.1 aka best bball skool. half the team are kuching players! wat the heck?! how to beat? sighs.. we were all so serious.. but they were like just happy happy like tat. laughing.. smiling.. making jokes.. wahliewww... make me feel so small n lousy nia. hahaha sucks man! score was wat.. 50smtg-14 i tink.. im not sure.. just noe we lost like crap. haha n we played so rough.. hmm well i did. accidentally knock some of them. :$:$ paiseh.. sighs.. everyone was so saad on the bus till mel started making super lame jokes and cynthia couldnt understand them.. hahaha sooooo FUNNNNNY! :)

third game was against batu lintang. haha the skool wif stella kho! eeeks! hahahaha well it was a super hot HOT HOT day! play like shit! play n play n play n play.. n the score was only 9-14. hahahahaha tats the lowest score i haf ever seen in my life. hahahaha so funnny. woohooo so happy tho! tis means we're goin to interzone to play against siburan,kuching high and a rematch wif chung hua no1.. sighs.. we be lucky to even get 3rd again.. strange i dun remember getting 3rd for last year at all.. hmmm somehow we beated chung hua no1 by ONE point.. pretty amazing uh? i cant remember tat at all.. weird.. n btw phoebs on the team! :D hahah it was fun la.. so kolian joey got injured before the game even started. so kolian.. ahah he landed on the side of his foot. OUCH! so scary.. either way.. everyone pls pray for us =) n come support us at MBKS in bout 2weeks time! :D hahah tnks LaTeRsSsss...