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Monday, April 10, 2006
my birthday! 9:28 PM

heheeh as u all dunoe, 7th of April was the day urs truly came into this world today. hmmmm lemme see, for my bday present, my parents offered me a trip to KL. no wait, the nicest part was still yet to come ;) heheh turns out i would be missing 2days of skool! woohoo! and its right after the exams so WOOOOOHOO! i totally miss out on the result day. heheh no need to worry bout having an anxiety attack or be a nervous wreck all day.

hmmm KL wasnt as fun as i thought it would be. hahaha at first. first problem was the obvious. shouldnt haf brought miffy along. hmm second the weather so really hot! tnk God, for being merciful and making it rain heavily for 2 straight days! woohoo! hehehe oh and for the record, i would just like to tell everyone rite now tat i HATE surprises! im sry but i just hate them! i hate the idea of being unprepared for smtg esp without the permission of my parents. its just tiresome if u tink bout it. sure i would be happy for the gesture but i would be terrified of the complicated things like parental permission etc.

the reason im saying all tis is bcos my dearly BELOVED FRIENDS NAMELY JOEL,ASHLEY AND RADHIE came up wif tis stupendous(?) idea of flying to KL and surprising me on my bday!!!!! haha the silly lil twerps thought of surprising me in the shopping mall somewhere. imagine my face if my friends just popped out all of the sudden. hahaha but it was a really really really raelly really really really sweet idea! =) i am beyond the word touched by their actions. their intentions were soo sweeet! haha i haf no other word for it! =) hmmmmmmmm

as usual my parents did not share in my happiness. so we wen to KLCC aka Rich-Man-Shopping-Complex. apparently i did noe of this other alias until AFTER our 5hr walk around the place. everything was so eXPENSIVE! we had such a hard time finding gifts for our friends. hahaha and guess wat! the sneaky devils planned out everything! they got Joel to distract me and sort of pretend he wanted to see smtg. so we ended up getting separated. then the other devils wen off and bought me A WATCH! NOT ANY KIND OF WATCH! A FOSSIL WATCH!!!! I REPEAT FOSSIL!

HHAHAAHAHAHHA the moment i saw it i was speechless. the idiots suddenly appeared infront of me and presented me wif a bag wif the pic of lee hom. the last thing on my mind was a WATCH! omg! it is so beautiful! i love it!!!! hahaha so sweeet! and i noe tat kind of watch isnt cheap so i was just really embarrassed and flattered! i love my friends! i just feel mean if i din show it at the time! i tell u i can not handle surprises... i just end up doing smtg wrong like not giving the reaction i should be giving but instead a speechless one tat ppl can misunderstand. aaaaarggh!

hahaha seeing there was a fossil shop rite bhind us i figured it was a last minute decision but either way i LOVE IT!!!!!!!! its so beautiful!!!!!! and cool! and matrix like! hahah =P anyways im gona say it now since im sure the ppl im gona mention dun read my blog =) for keith i got him tis book by his fave author who is none other day John Grissom. it was keith tat made Mr.Grissom one of my fave authors now. he intro-ed one of his books 'The Client' which is really interesting and fun to read =) so i figured i ought to repay him. bsides... i had no idea wat to get him! =P we got it frm Kunikuyona or smtg like tat. the huge bookstore in KLCC. i would be so happy to haf a bookstore tat size in Kch! =) hmmm the lady working thr either has been working thr for a super long time or is a book fanatic bcos all i said was :

'Ermm excuse me, can u help me find a book?'

'Sure who's the author?'

'Heheh tats the problem. i just cant seem to remember it.'

'Hmmm ok wat is the title then?'

'Oh he wrote a book 'The Client''

'Oh that was John Grissom.'


within seconds she directed me to a section wif a whole row of John Grissom books. speechless i just kept repeating 'Thank u!'

hahaha thr i just closed one eye and picked a book i thought i nvr heard Keith mention. hehehe hope he likes it! =) keeeveey whose been such a cute funny friend =D hope u like it keeveey! so anyways nxt was Tim and ash had to pick the most expensive shirt in the world! hahaha i could feel my wallet slipping away. hahaha jking oh and we got Joel smtg to. a pair of jeans! HIS FIRST JEANS EVER! BELIEVE IT OR NOT! hehehe then wat happen? ohh ash's dad took us to Dome for lunch and it was so expensive too! hahah so pricey! only got 300bucks in my wallet. the meal was like less than 200 but still soo exp! btw the choc banana malt tat joel ordered which i foolishly decided chose tasted like vomit. haha i mean it was not bad but i just suddenly thought of vomit the moment i took a sip. hahaha kinda funny but gross =)

hmmmmmm wat esle? the day ended and my feet were sore! haha we shopped the whole 5 floors. btw thr was tis 50 bachelors thing for Cleo Magazine in the center of the groundfloor. and yuck! thr were no cute bachelors! not to mention they just look stupid walking on stage and just hoping to get a clap or two. hahah im sry but it just looked silly. but thumbs up to those 50ppl who did it. must haf taken lots of guts ;)

miffy has been bugging me lately. everyone says shes taking advantage of me. and i just hate it! i hate being pushed around by her. i hate the fact tat she tinks she can do anything she wants even after i say no. i hate tat the doesnt listen to me. i hate it tat she always seems to be angry at me over little stupid things. i hate it tat she doesnt seem to care bout other ppl's feelings. i hate it tat she can get so annoying and irritaing at times. i hate it tat she yells at me wen shes angry. wat i hate most of all IS : tat i seem to let her do all tis. let her just walk all over me. i hate it!! grrr.. wats wrong wif me?! damnit!

then again.. everytime she does smtg small yet sweet i feel touched n forgive her immediately. shit i hate tat. sighs. like she wrote me tis small happy bday card n left it on my table in my room. sighs im such a pathetic pushable person. i hate it! i hate being NICE! grrr.. being nice isnt really all good ya noe? crap i dunoe if its a blessing or a curse to be nice. grrrrr.. LaTeRsSsss...