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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
watever :) 8:47 PM

hmm been tinking bout wat i wrote in my last post. for the 1st time, im gona add another post to my blog in a day. hmm was driving round tabuan wif my sis looking for a place to eat. we decided on tabuan jaya thr. we were talking bout life n friends n stuff. strangely my sis had similar issues. kinda weird. hmm lol we talked n talked n somehow wat my parents said was rite. everytime they were rite! crap i hate tat sometimes.. lol wont ever admit to them tho :P heheh

so anyway, turns out my church is still having problems. thr are some police ppl still investigating in some stupid idea my pastor n someone other person is stealing money frm the church. wat the heck? anwayys the story is very long n im not in the mood to type everything out. so bottom line is... im here fussing n complaining bout my stupid lil problems wen my pastor is dealing wif smtg much bigger. i heard they mite even hafta close the church!

my church which is Blessed Church in tabuan jaya is the best church in the world! well in my opinion of cos. i mean the ppl in it are so active n lively. every saturday nite is fun bcos we all like worship together n sing really nice songs together. i mean the atmosphere is perfect. my pastor is very funny n interesting too so tat makes sunday mornings a heck lot more interesting n fun to go to. i really love my church n would very very very dissappointed if it closed down cos of some stupid minor problems tat got big. stupid things... sighs...

i just pray everything will work out n the church will continue. hmm yea tats all i hafta say :) LaTeRsSsss...

WOZ.. 6:11 PM

crap i hate tis bloody feeling of being left out. throughout the whole performance of Wiz of Oz i haf nvr felt so left out before in my life. onstage sure i had friends like the Oz Ladies but i din haf any like really close friends who i could go to and haf fun wif. crap i hated it.

sighs.. i nvr felt so uncomfortable. during the first hour whr we had to wait till the 2nd act which is wen the Oz Ladies start to perform.. i would be completely bored. everyone would be like talking and laughing wif one another whereas i will be just luking around looking for smtg to do. Gawd i was so bored. dun get me wrong. i was thrilled being an Oz Lady but... i thought i would be able to make more friends and i did but it just.. i felt so out of place. i missed the Joseph spirit. thr wasnt a family like feeling in the atmosphere. n hard as i tried to actually feel smtg wen i was onstage.. i got ntg. i din get tis amazing feeling tat filled my whole body leaving it tingling. i din get the nervous-nice feeling. i just couldnt feel it... anyting even..

i felt completely dissed by N too cos N was always preoccupied wif someone. at first i thought watever but then it only got worse. everytime i talked to N it was like talking to a wall. it almost felt like N din even wan to be around me. gawd tat was irritating. N was always surrounded by the ppl and i jsut felt completely out of place. it was like a white wall wif a tiny black spot on it. even ML seemed to be doing better than i was. i just wish WOZ nvr happened. cos like now im feeling soo alone. i felt so alone during WOZ. n i so wish i could turn time around. if i could i wouldnt haf gone to tat stupid 'so-called-afterparty'. it was at blings and tons of pl wen. TONS! the place was so frigging crowded i couldnt even get my drink. everywhr i turned i only saw strangers.. happy strangers chatting away n laughing. i looked for familiar faces n saw N was surrounded by ppl. i took one look at N n felt smtg terrible form in my gut. call it watever u like but i hated tat feeling

words cant describe wat im feeling. i wen out yesterday wif everyone to watch X-Men3. it was a kinda okay movie i guess. as usual i sat on the far end of the seat whr the seat bside me would be empty. i just.. i dun wan to say hate but i just.. kept tinking bout everything tat happened. i just felt like.. not talking or looking at someone. i had no mood at all 4 anyting. i wish i hadnt gone out at all. complete waste of my time. i could haf been doing my bm homework.

crap tis sucks.. LaTeRsSsss...

Saturday, May 27, 2006
i got promoted!!!!! 12:09 AM

hahaha omg im sooooo happy. i got as i like to call it 'promoted' by Mr.Bill frm choir member to an Oz Lady! woooohooo! omg im so frigging happy. i hated being in the choir. i was the oldest,tallest n biggest choir member. n everytime Miss Vivien Ng said '..presenting the children of the choir..' my heart aches.. children!! lol! so yea i was kinda grumpy bout tat for the first nite.

but after mr.bill changed me i was sooooo pleased i could hardly speak. like the thought couldnt penetrate through my brain. hahaha i followed mr.bill everywhere cos he wanted to talk to miss.irene bout the costume thing. our convo :

mrbill: tink u can do it tonite? the whole thing?

sandra: i tink so. yeah sure i can do it.

madam armstrong: so you're the new one eh? tink u can do it?

sandra: *smile* yea sure hope so

mrbill: whrs tat irene? IREENEE!!! any1 seen irene?

miss irene: yes bill?

mrbill: tis is our new oz lady. tink she can fit in the costume?

miss irene: im not sure. lets try n find out.

heheheheheheheehheheheh i LOVED BEING OZ LADY!! i get to do some chicken dance thingy which kinda turns out to be fun if u do it wif ur friends. hehe then i just need to do minor acting bits which is fine wif me :) heheh sharifah made the experience a whole lot better. haha tat girl's laughter is contagious man! heheh very difficult trying to act curious,shocked n scared wen she starts giggling. hehehehehe!

anyways i had like an hour to learn the moves n lyrics. tnk God i remembered some frm the rehearsals last time. wheew! hehe anyways it turned out to be fun tho i was nervous as hell first time on stage. i hope i din mess up too bad. hmm poor tiff lost her voice or smtg. so she couldnt talk. trying to save her voice. so koliaan.. while eveeryone laughing away like idiots.

hehe wen to the saloon today too. tho i was wasnt suppose to be thr. aduhai i din even noe. cos we wen to skool bah then it was soooo boring cos like no teachers teaching at all. just free period the whole time except maths. but connie lau also totally no mood to teach cos she say she was tired. hehe so we left at like 11am in joels car. soo niceee.. go eat then go his house. wah he sleep like pig man. he snore snore snore... hehhe jk anyways then we go saloon. i din expect the ppl to make my face up. i just thought i sit thr n jsut wait for everyone. paiseeh!!! i so paiseh i take up everyone esle's time. shiaaaat! sighs tho it was kinda fun hehe :P

lol n it turned out tat it was Mr.Gerald Lee tat recommended the idea of me being in the Oz Ladies since Vanessa was a dancer n an oz lady. mr.bill din wan her doing both cos they were very close timed. hehehehe TNKS MR LEE!!

READ ash's blog for more info n pics www.asheby.blogspot.com

Saturday, May 13, 2006
SSK.. stupid sejarah khusus 11:11 PM

i hate sejarah khusus.. wat a waste of time.. aduhai.. hehe im only saying tis cos i had to do my sejarah overnite. haha i noe its my fault for not starting it earlier but honestly i bet half the class or three quarters did theirs extremely last minute. i noe for a fact bcos everyone was online till like 3am doing their sejarah. hahaha as for me, im proud to say i slept at 5.30am!! heheh eleanore din sleep at all jsut continued doing it then wen straight to skool. hahaha so kolian!

i slept only 1hour but still i was the most drowsy person in class. i dunoe how eleanore n sam managed to stay fully awake throughout skool. haha i fell asleep in Connie Lau's class, Vivien Ng's class and Henry Wong's class. hahaha none of them caught me except connie lau. eyes like a hawk. lol so paisehh.. anwyays after all tat i still FORGOT to print out my lampiran, my rujukan, my penghargaan AND my cover!

i had to come bck during lunch just do to them THEN.... in my haste.. i completely forgot to print out my cover.. wat an idiot rite? sighs.. now hafta pass up on monday.. hope henry wong not pissed.. aduh.. so forgetful..

hehe then last nite thr was tis huge huge parade or smtg. the buddhist thingy. wow it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG! we were all at cikguwong's at the time. hahah she rushed us out earlier to ask us go home b4 the crowd came. but just bcos we go out of tuition early doesnt mean our parents would instantly arrive anyway rite? so we wasted like 15mins just looking at the parade. no offense to buddhist ppl but thr were these statues thingys tat freaked me out. i couldnt even look at them..

anyway i knew thr was no way my parents was gona pick me up on time so i decided to get a ride frm joyce's car. so many many many ppl walking in the streets. crazy wonder how long they walk.. lol so many ppl.. aduhai.. traffic jam the whole area lol. hmmmm so wat esle is new? just got bck frm church like 2hrs ago.. tat was fun. so long havnt gone to a prayer meeting. =) hmm yea guess tats bout it. oh well LaTeRsSsss...

Monday, May 01, 2006
Bdays 2 10:06 PM

Joel's Bday
wen to Merdeka palace after the chief minister thingy. it was so hot in skool tat day! the opening of the new block n stuff. saw the CM upclose! woohoo can tell my grandkids liaaw. hmm first time i saw the main cast in their full costumes. haha joels so cuteee. hardly recognised him. btw i tink he did a great great spectacular job at the rehearsal we did in the library. it was so bloody brillant. couldnt be any prouder ngeaw! =D anyways everyone esle wen straight to merdeka palace whereas i had to wait for miffy n her friend! so loooooong! so hot again.

gelina was so quieet. strange. thought she was much more talkactive or smtg. anyways took a quick shower and dashed off to merdeka. i smsed joel to tell him i was downstairs n waited like 5mins. got irritated n called keith. tim came down apparently high wif smtg. hahah he started laughing for no reason n just acting stupid in the lift. hahaha so funny. wen up to the room which i considered average for a hotel. thought merdeka palace had like really really WOW furniture but not really leh. more spacious nia. in a suite again.

des,steph,keith wong n joey were thr. they said joel,ash n chang mien wen up to claudillea's room and now were having tea wif her dad downstairs. everyone was alil pissed off at ash at the time for wat he said back at skool. he got all angry cos no one could sleepover and he booked the suite for no reason or smtg. then keith said smtg bout having to go to church early the nxt morning. he got pissed n starting dissing christianity esp cartholics. saying stuff like christianity is stupid cos of having to go through so many stuff to finally being accepted or smtg like tat. smtg really rude n totally uncalled for.

everyone got pissed faces wen he said it but kept their mouths shut. no use fighting wif tat guy. completely pointless. so wen i got to the suite, steph was alraedy alil steamed cos ash shouted bck at her wen she said smtg. keith was annoyed too. so we started talking thrash bout him. at the time we felt like he was totally being a arse to us. talking us to stay in the room wen everyone was hungry. sure steph n des ordered room service but ash din allow the rest to haf any. so everyone was hungry. in the end steph,me,keith n joey decided enough was enough n we just went downstairs. we walked through the bar area whr they were eating and i din even bother looking at joel cos i was too pissed at ash who was sitting rite bside him. i just looked blankly or smtg esle n said 'we're going to go eat.'

joel: wat? why? wait for us la. we're bout to go up.. call u guys
sandra: we cant wait anymore. we're goin out to eat
joel: why? just wait la
(either me,keith,joey or steph): we're hungry. we wait so long olrdi. bye

and we just stormed out. hahaha it felt pretty good just walking out n them like them. now whoses boss. so irritating. it was drizzling so we stopped at kch plaza for awhile then ran all the way to McD. haha so farr!!! i noe! and it was RAINING!! i got so soaked. n i was wearing so nice again! cos i thought we were eating at merdeka palace. my mum made me dress up. grrrr drats! hehe we thought bout a movie but saw so many guys outside star so got scared. hahaha at McD we actually had fun. everyone was like being so nice n generous. unlike our usual outings. it felt fun... nice.. comfortable. hahah we all got along very well and were talking bout ppl. it was nicee :) i really enjoyed it. then joel msg-ed me but i told him we werent mad wif him then stopped replying him. we walked to tun jugah for awhile since joel told me they were at swak plaza. we din wana run into them.

hmm at tun jugah we walked round browsing. ntg to buy. anyways the same stuff over n over again. ran into sineado who was wif a bunch of guys n a girl. walked into Popular bookstore and looked for books. hahaha exercises! haha so hardworking! haha i bought tis comic thingy on sejarah which i thought mite be helpful wen im studying sej. hahah n keith bought abunch of exercises. so kuai!

after tat we walked to swak plaza n ran rite into joel, ash n everyone esle. ham,chang mien,des,rach,tim(the betrayer lol) and rad. we all din look at ash n he din bother looking in our direction as well. he was acting all ignorant and was staring straight. i barely said much to joel just like a hi then a bye. it was awkward but watever. we were still angry. then after a long long walk we wen coffeebean then bck all the way to merdeka palace.

everyone was thr talking n watching tv. joel dragged me to an empty room wif keith in it.

joel: whr u guys go just now? wats wrong wif u guys? wat happen?
sandra: ntg.. ntg *sat on the bed wif keith who immediately sat up alert wen joel started talking*
keith: aiyar dun talk bout it la. tired la
joel: sandra.. wat happen?
sandra: *explain explain*
joel: cehh.. aiyar u noe ash dun even noe y u guys angry also. u guys just suddenly walk out like tat. u noe we actually wanted to call u guys down but we paiseh since claudillea's dad pay for everything. i din even noe u were here! my phone was in the box.

(which reminds me: ash bought like over RM1000+ stuff for joel. he bought him some shoe tat had goofys face on it n u could colour them wif a set of crayons.$400+$ the big beautiful box$100$ angpao$300+$) plus Zara jeans but we all chipped in for tat.

madness.. then we wen swimming in the pool! the pool area was cool. i loved the chairs whr we could lie bck n just look at the top part of merdeka palace. it felt so peaceful. eheheh had no extra clothes so wore joel's. lool! fun la =D

hhahahah then tat nite we were suppose to go Junk n eat dinner but ash got pissed wen joey said smtg like who was paying for everything. so we walked n walked got everywhr was full! finally we walked all the way bck to riverside. even overthr we still had problems finding a place to eat. finally we got so irritated we decided to divide into two groups. half of us were still pissed so we just blew the other half off. we sat at sugarbun n ate cos everywhr was full. whereas the other half continued walking. keith wong,joey,joyce,fred n i ate at sugarbun. then later steph n rach joined us. they were pissed off too cos they said ash couldnt just make up his mind n tim kept on complaining if the place was too disgusting or watvr.

hhahaha so our group enlarged. we had fun. talking n laughing bout PPL. it was alrite la. kinda nice. smsed joel. he was blooody annoyed too but ash but felt bad cos ash paid for everythign so he couldnt jsut leave him like tat. anyways it was his bday party so i felt bad for him. after tat, we walked to the restaurant in riverside whr they were eating n told them we were walking bck to merdeka palace to rest. blooody tired. joel wasnt happy again cos we were desserting him according to him. not like we could help it anywhr.

hahaha so we walked all the way bck to merdeka palace. my feet so sore by then. joey wen home. ham too. rad too. but ham n rad came bck later. at the hotel, me joyce n steph jumped on one of the beds n started talking n laughing at smtg jokes. haha then ham came then we continued laughing. kinda fuuun. blooody sleepy by then. hahah wen my mum called i jumped up so high n rushed down. hehe cos my mum always gets grumpy wen im not thr wen she calls. heheheeheheheh anyways it was ok la i guess. tiring day. i realized i walked back N forth frm merdeka palace to riverside FOUR TIMES TAT DAY!!! surely hafta lose weight liaw =P hehe update bout tim's party nxt time. tireeed now. LaTeRsSsss...

Bdays 1 5:38 PM

Keith's Bday

wen to keiths condo. wif tons of ppl. kinda fun i guess. laughed like mad. wat we do? so long ago. hmm shit i cant rememmber wat we did for keiths' bday. hahah how we get thr? :S oh yea!! we wen to town first. hangout at coffeebean whr we had kinda like a class reunion. practically everyone was running around buying presents for izzat cos we din noe it was gona be a combined party.

hmm it was alrite. so manny ppl. then.. we wen to keiths place. squeezed in phoeb's sis's mini car. 4got the name but it was kinda small. drove to ash's house. then drove to keith's house. btw joel got his ipod! so unfair! i also wan! :P

hmm the party was alrite. swam like 3/4 of the whole time. quite a lot of ppl wen. after awhile everyone was practically starving to death and din even mind much wen keiths sis served half-cooked lamb. haha gross but tasted heavely at the time. played tennis n footsie later. hahaha n a bball n beach ball in the pool. haha fun! joel n i pushed ham in! hahahaha!! pushed tons of ppl in. hmmm.. it was kinda fun. how smart of me to wear a white shirt. haha then i changed in the hallway cos the toilet was frigging creepy. haha asked ham to be my guard but MOSES tat gatal horny arse kept looking at me! haha he kept trying to peek through hams skinny body. hahahahah so creeeepy!! hahahaha!