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Monday, May 01, 2006
Bdays 1 5:38 PM

Keith's Bday

wen to keiths condo. wif tons of ppl. kinda fun i guess. laughed like mad. wat we do? so long ago. hmm shit i cant rememmber wat we did for keiths' bday. hahah how we get thr? :S oh yea!! we wen to town first. hangout at coffeebean whr we had kinda like a class reunion. practically everyone was running around buying presents for izzat cos we din noe it was gona be a combined party.

hmm it was alrite. so manny ppl. then.. we wen to keiths place. squeezed in phoeb's sis's mini car. 4got the name but it was kinda small. drove to ash's house. then drove to keith's house. btw joel got his ipod! so unfair! i also wan! :P

hmm the party was alrite. swam like 3/4 of the whole time. quite a lot of ppl wen. after awhile everyone was practically starving to death and din even mind much wen keiths sis served half-cooked lamb. haha gross but tasted heavely at the time. played tennis n footsie later. hahaha n a bball n beach ball in the pool. haha fun! joel n i pushed ham in! hahahaha!! pushed tons of ppl in. hmmm.. it was kinda fun. how smart of me to wear a white shirt. haha then i changed in the hallway cos the toilet was frigging creepy. haha asked ham to be my guard but MOSES tat gatal horny arse kept looking at me! haha he kept trying to peek through hams skinny body. hahahahah so creeeepy!! hahahaha!