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Sunday, June 25, 2006
8:22 PM

tribute to my daddy

nice songsss

Sunday, June 11, 2006
random photos 12:29 AM

oz ladies

last nite wif joel,phoeb,joyce,ash n me. makeups frigging thick


in a pool surrounded by no hot guys.. the horror!

bbq-ing.. yummmmy

keith n izzat's poolparty

haha photos frm ash's hp.. hehe :)

during CNY.. so long ago..

Sunday, June 04, 2006
mad dog lovin' 11:51 PM

hahaha i saw the most hilarious sight just now. while eating dinner wif my family at pending area thr. hahahah thr was like very loud barkings as if dogs fighting or smtg bhind us. so i turned around n saw 4dogs.. crowding round each other.. barking loudly.. growling loudly too

ahha i just ignored them at first la.. hehe then ltr i turn around n see a black one n brown one getting it on. hahahah. at first it was kinda embarrassing. then the other 2 males i tink were barking n growling damn loud n fierce at the 2. as if 2wives just finding out of an affair. hahahahahahaha

then one of them start barking n biting them. major fight. then it just stopped dunoe y. hahah then the other one.. which was white i tink.. hahaha started jumping up n down trying to hump the black one which was a female. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! SO FUNNY! i dunoe how it did it anywhr.. cos u see the black was was olrdi 'attached' to the brown one but somehow the white one managed to get a piece of the action. yuck! it was so weird. some ppl got annoyed at them n so like tried scaring them away.

the dogs moved alittle further away . the thing was the BLACK one n the BROWM one which were still attached moved together. it was as if they were glued or stuck together. hahaha so weird.. so wen the black one ran.. it was like dragging the brown one wif it. yuuccck... the whole time the white jealous wife was trying to get a piece of the action by trying to hump the black female. ewww n one time i saw his pink thing.. EEEEEWWW!! SO GROSS! IT WAS PINK N SMALL! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

so gross.. bleeh.. hahah anway i was bored so i made a few 15secs video wif my hp. hhahaha all blur la but can see abit i guess. hahahahah so funnnny.. funniest thing i've sen in a looong time.. lol... stupid dogs.. lol LaTeRsSsss...