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Sunday, July 16, 2006
one of the things i will never 4get 1:09 AM

haha omg i haf the funniest story to tell. lol well i guess if i tink bout it now. its kinda creepy n scary but at the time, being a stupid unprepared innocent child tat i am, i thought it was funny. alil scary after tat. super freaky after talking to miffy bout it. ok thr i was at skool. then left around lunch to see the dentist. (getting my lower teeth braced. i noe. whopppee how fun.. not!) as usual im either the earliest or the latest. tis time i was early so i had to sit at the steps of the clinic n wait for the lazy ppl to open the door. i knew they were inside but they just ignored my knocks on the door. stupiaks so tis is wat happened :

thr i was minding my own business, getting hot n sweaty n irritated wen some guy walks up. at first sight, he was a regular chinese fella waiting for his appointment. really tall, bout 20+ i say, not very attractive but not hideous either, likes smiling, short pointy hair, kinda messy untidy clothing. i tink he smiled at me at first not sure but i noe he looked at me. then he walked up the steps n knocked the door. like duhh it was locked. so he came bck down n tis time he spoked:

stranger whose name turned out to be lee smtg : wat time r u?

me : 1.30pm *like automatic*

lee : me 2 *smile*

walks off. leaving me sitting thr. goin 'oooooooh kkk..' haha kinda silly. so im waiting thr like i dunoe.. 20-30minutes! it was such a frigging hot day again! sweating like hell. aarrrgh! then see my parents' car. bet they felt sry for me so they decided to eat somewhere near the clinic. of cos i join them but for a while before some lady motions me to go upstairs, signalling the clinic was open. (lady is my classmate's mum who happens to go to the same doc) i go up.

i sit down in the corner alone wen the same guy, lee walks over n sits like rite opposite me. im like flipping through magazines n trying to find anyting interesting wen he starts talking to me again.

lee : so are u local?

me : err.. yea *looks bck at mag*

lee : ohh cool. im from KL actually. Im here on for a few days..studying blah blah blah

basically im not listening cos i just couldnt give more of a damn. to make it short, he jsut wen on talking n talking n talking. i just occassionally looked up n smiled n replied cos i kinda felt sory for him if i din say anything. hahah big mistake! i tink he thought i was genuinely interested in making conversation. like pleasee! he wasnt even cute! if he was cute, hell he wouldnt haf even tried talking to me in the first place. i probably pounce rite on him n bombarded him wif small talk. hhehe anyways tats wat tis guy was doing.

i remembered he asked me my skool. if i was local. how old was i?

(he gave a surprised look n even laughed alil wen i told him then said 'ohh haha u just look so mature...' im tinking 'wtf? yea watever. heard it once heard it a thousand times')

tnk God later the nurse called my name. i practically jumped in n ran in the room. after an annoying n painful 1hr or so i walked out n mr.friendly was thr. he happened to be coming out of the other room. talk bout fate -_-" anyways thr i m standing at the counter, waiting for my nxt appointment to be set wen he looks over at me n smiles n says 'Here.'

he passes me a card on the counter desk n smiles. i pick it up n start tinking 'huh? u expect me to call u or smtg? im 15 remember?' it was some trading company card in Selangor. then he walks out the door. the stupid nurse is like 'oh u noe him is it?'

i go 'no' n just give a fake smile cos shes very irritating. wat kind of nurse is tat? if u see a strange man giving a girl a card u dun feel abit suspicious or worried? nop.. she just sat thr n asked me wat time i would be free nxt month wif her annoying fake creepy smile.

so i head downstairs n pause for a moment. i really dun wan to hafta listen to tat guy jabbering on n on again. so i knee down alil n try see if hes still thr. big surprise he still is standing thr waiting for his car. haha i run bck up the clinic n go rinse my mouth cos it tastes funny. after a while i go down again n knee again. tis time i dun see him. so i walk down n position myself on the steps again, waiting for my mum.

then mr.friendly appears walking by. obviously he sees me n sits down beside me smiling again. omg haha i noe if u read tis it sounds really really scary like some guy was trying to kidnap me n rape me n kill me etc. but at the time it really wasnt as scary as it is sounding rite now. anyway he starts talking again. tis time i reply abit more cos his questions like need response.

he askes me my name. then my surname. then wen i do, he goes 'oh how cute.'

im tinking, instantly, 'omg hes gona kill me!'

hhaahah jokes jokes i actually thought 'omg u cant be serious? tat was so frigging cheesy.'

then he tells me his name even wen i din even ask for it. which is Lee Tze Ming. or smtg like tat. i only noe his last name sounds like 'Lazy Man' cos he wen n told me some story tat wen he was young his teacher used to call him Lazy Man. he even laughed at his story after he told it. i smiled cos i thought he was just sad. lol but he thought i was enjoying it. like puhleaase. so he goes on talkign n talking n talking. then he says :

lee : so u must be from a wealthy family eh? to go to a private clinic?

me : err.. no la *sorta shrugged my shoulders cos din noe how to answer*

lee : haha like tat surely one

*his english was surprisingly quite good btw*

then later he says :

lee : oh btw do u haf friendster?

me : hah??? *din hear clearly. din noe wat he say*

lee : u dunoe friendster is it?

me : oh friendster. got. *foolish girl*

lee : oh ok then can u add me? do u still haf the card i gave u? pass me for awhile.

me *rite now im just like in a :S mode..dig through my pockets n pass him. i guess i din wan to piss him off or anyting so i jsut did awtever he told me to.*

lee : here u can write it. *smile again* (getting annoyed by it)

me *hold his pen n starts to spell out wat his address is but the pen run out of ink*

lee : oh nvm i'll do it. *scribbles his address n pass bck 2 me*

then he wen on jabbering again. tnk God my mum arrived soon. i just jumped up n ran to the car. then my mum was like askign me who the guy was wif a worried voice. i just told her he was some guy asking me wat time the clinic opened. i din wan to worry her. cos im 100000% sure she would haf gone home n told my dad n my dad would return wif a large rifle n shotgun. lol so tats it. end of creepy story. wen i told miffy n showed her the card, she gave me a weird expression n told me tat it was crazy of me to talk to him n answer so many of his questions. it was only after tat i realised my mistakes! tnk God he wasnt who i thought he was.

i was praying to God actually while he was scribbling down his email address. omg i still kinda get the shivers wen i tink bout it. i haf gone on friendster but i logged out wen i typed in his email. n i found his profile. looks like a regular guy but u nvr noe. so tat goes to show.. BECAREFUL WHO U TALK TO. i nvr had tis situation before. kinda scared. i mean how desperate do u hafta get to go to a dentist's clinic to pick up chicks? lol... tnk God he din do anyting mental..

sighs.. LaTeRsSsss...