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Thursday, December 21, 2006
THINK! u could haf just saved ur own life thr buddy =) 11:36 PM

just b4 i moved into diana's pigsty of a room, i was reading this christian teen book every nite. 'Stories for the Extreme Teen Hearts' complied by Alice Gray. anyways its a great book. it has stories bout teenagers accepting Christ. about how they haf realized how important God's Word was and how God has helped them in their struggles in life. there was lyk 2 stories taken from the Columbine HighSchool Shooting otherwise known as the Columbine Massacre in Littleton, Colorado. due to the inspirational stories, i looked it up on the net. i remember seeing an advertisement of a documentary bout the shooting on Discovery Channel but i was busy i tink on tat day so i missed the show. otherwises i would haf realy wanted to watch it.

for those who do nt know, two troubled teens Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into their skool tat day with one goal. tat was to kill hundreds of students. frm wat i haf read, they were the outcasts of the social ladder and were usually picked on by fellow students esp the jocks. somehow all tis hate lead them to violence. 12 students died tat faithful day plus a teacher who was shot in the back.

Rachel Scott was the first to be killed as she was having lunch on the grass wif a fellow classmate. She was a faithful and strong believer in Christ

Cassie Bernall was the most popular of all those killed bcos some witnesses claimed just secs before she was killed, one of the shooters asked her 'Do u believe in God?'. of cos being a strong believer as well, Cassie replied 'Yes'. then she was shot and died instantly

reading tis.. just stunned me. it sent a chill down my spine wen i read it. it made me change my opinion on God. i mean i know God is my father, saviour but just reading bout the whole Columbine Shooting just made it more real to me. the good thing tat came out of it all was after the shooting, students started Christian clubs to help those who survived and are forever traumitized. its kind of weird uh? two students lyk Rachel and Cassie made such a great impact on their school. the world even. i mean they sure affected me. they inspire me to be more religious and more faithful. hopefully they will inspire u too.

as for the 2 gunmen, they shot themselves in the library. so please next time ure gona make fun of some guy in ur class, lyk how he dresses funny, or is slow, or is shy. tink again. tat person is a human being just lyk u. he has feelings. or better tink of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. these 2 were so hurt they resulted to murder. im sure nobody in their skool would haf believed they were be capable of such actions but hey, it happened. now they will be forever condemned in hell. dont make the same mistake they did. so think. next time u think of teasing someone, THINK! you might haf just saved ur own life right there. THINK!

I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction - Rachel Scott, 17, first victim in the Columbine Shooting

I will not be labelled average - Rachel Scott