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Sunday, January 28, 2007
bye ham da man =) 12:05 AM

merry xmas! happy new year!

glad tats over. lol im nt gona talk bout xmas or new year or wtvr cos too lazy! u guys can jsut read bout it in other ppls blogs. anyways. lets talk bout school. =) i was originally assigned in the arts class but my parents decided to throw me in the science class. so im currently in 4C! AND IM LOVING EVERYDAY OF IT! =)

i love my new class like so much. i mean i liked the arts class wif sheryl and charley and eleanore and des ppl. but it was so slow. the life in arts was so easy. too easy in my opinion. i felt like i was wasting my time or smtg. but in the science class, im doing work everyday. AND I ENJOY IT! am i a freak or wat? i actually enjoy getting assignments and doing them. lol so most of my break time, u can see me in my class, busy scribbling down the new assignments. its fun. it keeps me busy. i like being kept busy. means im nt wasting my life time =P

hmm wat esle? ham recently left. haha i cried so many times for her. she msg-ed me to go out on sunday the nite b4 but somehow i din get it. so i had no idea bout the outing. then she rang me up on sunday and i was at the hospital! waiting for my dad! arrgh! i waited like i tink 2 hours?! so by the time i was done, they were already waiting for their rides to pick them up. and ham was like 'nvm la. nxt time go out'. i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bummed! i wanted to hangout and see ham and the all so badly. seeing as we're nt even in the same class. as ash and joey ppl. sighs. so yeah i cried bout tat. lol

hmm i cried wen joel said he couldnt pick me up to see ham go off on the day she was leaving. her flight was like at 5am or smtg. so thr was no way diana was waking up to send me. then i heard joel was picking ash and goin so i jumped at it and asked him but no. which kind of pissed me off but watever. hmm then i called ham and we talked for a while.. she was at Little Lebanon or smtg wif rad. i din wan to get all mushy and stuff so it was short. she said she would call me b4 she left. but i was sooo tired from the nite b4 cos i had like a super scary nightmare.

>>>> nitemare >>>>>(i dreamt tat it was the end of the world. i was in the car i tink wif diana. it just suddenly bcame pitch black. and it was like the whole world was screaming in pain. i felt so scared. i mean imagine being in a room pitch black, and theres screaming! literally ppl screaming their guts out as if someone was torturing them. i got so so scared. i turned to diana. i could roughly make an outline of her face. i wanted to say 'i love u' cos i thought it was the last time we were gona see each other but instead the words came out as 'Jesus save me'. then the screaming ceased. and i woke up in my room. honestly i felt so shaken up. i could still hear the screamiings.. creepy shit.)

she did call me around 12.41am but i suppose i was so tired i didnt hear it. so she left. =) hmm wat esle? ooo our whole school is air-conditioned! incase some ppl din noe. and its FRIGGING COLD! i sit rite infront. face to face wif the teachers table, nxt to stuff. and the fan is RIGHT above me! the air-cond blows RIGHT on top of me. so im literally freezing everyday. im serious. i shake and rub my hands but its no good. and tat rotten gavin said 'put the lowest. freeze them to death'. lol he means steph and me. sighs. its really realy cold. but i guess better COLD than SWEATING HOT eh? =)

sighs i love my new class =D 4C rocks man! will update nxt time bout singapore wif pics and the ppl in 4C. i love my new class so much. beats 3A by a mile =P hahahaha =) Bye Ham Da Man. i noe u dun read my blog but still. this post goes out to u. take care in Australia. lotsa love =') no matter wat.. URE ALWAYS BE HAM DA MAN TO ME =D LaTerSsss...