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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
interact nite 07 12:01 AM

hmm ive been in interact since the wee ages of form 1. hmm so basically ive been to 4 installations nites so far. and they were all rite i suppose but tis year's one was the best. im not being bias but its just true. i enjoyed it. i realy enjoyed it. hmm the band was ok. radhie was good. hmmm.. wat i loved most was the fact tat the teachers and VIPsseemed to be having a fun time. haha we got mr.lee is boogie on the dance floor wif his wife!

we got them all to play the newspaper dance game which was A BRILLANT idea. great great fun. haha it was a real laugh to see miss siaw and cikgu joey laughing so hard and trying to balance on the newspaper. hahaha just hilarious. amazing. and the dancing part was cool. i mean dancing realy helps release all kinds of tension from ur body. its just like.. wow an excellent way of expressing urself. haha had so much fun up there. plus rads choice of songs were excellent too! all classics! =)

anyways im too lazy to post up pics so if u wan just go to ash's blog or peg's blog. hehe its in my links.