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Monday, September 10, 2007
interclass debate finals 5:16 PM

sighs sry everyone for not updating. tat is im hoping thr are actually readers or watever. neways if u were in school today u've known we lost in debate finals to chang mien's team which consist of hilarious matthew and factual aaron. haha it was fun i guess but so mentall exhausting.

it started off when miss teo elected elvina,brendan and i to represent our class. at first when i thought bout it, i was like hmm ok cool. but brendan absolutely refused to do it so he was replaced with krystle. all 3 of us btw are total beginners so it was kinda nerve wrecking.

ok the first debate we ever had was against 4A which consisted of sarah,jessie and sheryl. hahaha we were all beginners and nervous. the motion was THBT animal experimentational should be banned. we were the goverment bench and 4A was the opposition. so krystle went as prime minister and gave her speech. it wasnt very good and there were alot of pauses but it was her first time so it was ok.

then sarah went up and sarah was even more nervous i tink. she said less words than krystle and had longer pauses but we were all beginners! so yea! then it was my turn. somehow i said the most and the loudest cos i was nervous but i tried to just be cool and speak very loudly to scare the opposition bench. it worked. i talked for only 4mins but i felt much better wen i sat down. jessie went up. then sheryl. then elvina finally. the result: we won and i got best speaker =DD

2nd debate was against dexter's team which consisted of bryan and brendan. haha the motion was sex education should be banned. hahaa it wasnt nice to go against ur classmates but it had to be done. in the end, we lost and i wasnt so good but elvina and krystle were starting to warm up to debate.

3rd debate was against phoeb's team or otherwise known as the mooters. lol it consisted of zoe and ash. hahaha we were terrified to our wits end on tat one. we all heard stuff lyk the mooters being the best team and phoeb being able to answer all kinds of POIs. it was okay i guess. the motion was THBT all citizens should do a period of national service. this time elvina and krystle outshined themselves. they really showed improvement in their debating skill despite being beginners. the mooters were actually beginners as well as they specialised in mooting and not debating so it was kind of new for everyone. neway the most important thing is I SPACED OUT! I TOTALLY PANICKED! FORGOT ALL MY STUFF! lost of words!

i started trying to piece words together and i end up saying :

'with NS, we will learn to cooperate with the different religions like Chinese,Indian, and Malays.'

hahahah all of them wouldnt stop making fun of me bout it afterwards. owells we learn i suppose. when louis announced tat we won, krystle and elvina both jumped off their chairs and high fived each other, letting out cries of happiness. i was the only one at the table who leaned on the table and cried out, 'NOOO!!'

lol i was tired of debating especially after my humiliation and wanted to just be done with the whole thing. but no, we had to win -_- so tat meant we were in the finals on monday which is today. hmm its ok we din win. i mean i wished we did but its still ok. not the end of the world o smtg. i'll live =)

ok got chem test tomolo. not done revising. so yea. today is PMR's mock and SPM's trial rite? good luck to everyone. to think, it'll be 3 more months and i'll be starting form 5C. shit im too young for SPM! haha crap tis time next year i'll be cramming like mad. oh no! oh man! =(