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Saturday, October 27, 2007
its nearly the end of october 5:42 PM

hmm ok so yesterday was the final day of exams!! yipeee!!! no more stupid exams! i haf learnt to appreciate sleep more during the whole examination week. omg i totally freaked out while studying add maths bcos i jst was so scared of failing again like i did last term -_- so embarrassing. and yes elvina never lets me forget it -_-"

anyway we went to des house after school yesterday to hang out. rach n phoeb brought along dvds lyk 'wat a girl wants' and 'my wife is a gangster 3'. hahaha we watched phoebs one WHICH WAS SO DAMN FUNNY!! my wife is a gangster 3 is lyk half chinese wif half korean and alil bit of english. it stars tat girl from the movie 'so close' and tat guy wif his head bleeding in '300 pounds beauty'. haha its seriously so funny

hmm was suppose to go to jocelyn's bday party at hilton tat nite but i got a msg from a friend saying tat we had a game the same nite -_- lol so had to go home and rush to tabuan jaya whr lingling they all were gona pick me up and then we drive to batu kawa. naiti so far away. lol rachel (shit i forgot her chinese name again) -_- was like studying physics the whole way in the car bcos her exams JST start the nxt day. so sad.. hahaha poor thing. discovered tat we both haf smtg incommon.. we HATE PHYSICS! lol lingling was jst being annoying as usual ;)

hahaah so wen we got thr, we were lyk the earliest!!!! wat the heck? lol so goofed around and i got my jersey. i love it so much. the material is very good unlike my previous jerseys lyk shorts tat stick to ur butt wen ure sweating or jerseys tat are sweat-proof. lol very comfy. haha then i found out we were playing against the team which is lyk the best female players tat i noe of. im talking lyk.. they haf the queen of 3pointers, the queen of lay-ups, the playmaker queen. ahhaa the everything queen! haah omg but it was okay la the game. we lost by 30points but tat isnt alot actually.. well to me at least. lol

then had trouble finding a ride back but in the end lingling saved my ass. then went to my cousins house and stayed thr till lyk 11pm o smtg. nearly fell asleep thr cos i felt so tired. arggh.. now tat exams over.. i CAN DO ALL THE THINGS I WANTED TO DO DURING EXAMS! which include:

- downloading kyle xy season 2
- reading rachs book 'the gift' and eragon
- watching 'wat a girl wants'
- go star and play pool
- playing basketball

=) LaTeRsSsss...

Monday, October 22, 2007
dumbledore is gay.. wat the hell? 1:59 PM

wow the great dumbledore is gay..
wat a great way to ruin the movie.
for the first time, i actually think JKRowling isnt so amazing
why on earth did she tell ppl the most powerful character in the famous harry potter series is gay?!!
it's lyk a total buzz kill.
so idiotic. now everyone will be thinking about it everytime dumbledore gets on the screen. jst ridiculously stupid

check it out :


Friday, October 19, 2007
exams exams exams 11:03 PM

exams are back again. yeah crap. well so far im quite sure i screwed up my sejarah essay paper and my english essay paper. i had no idea how to elaborate the points given by miss teo lyk 'animals reared in terrible conditions'. i kept relating it back to KFC chickens being raised in tight spaces whr they couldnt even turn around. haha i seriously dont noe wat i was writing. haha my section B was even weirder. i chose question 4 which was 'write a story starting wif "As i read the letter, i cried..."'

hahahahaha i wrote about this story taken from an episode of House, whr 2 a couple tat are teenagers had ran away from home to get away from the boy's abusive racist father. anyway they somehow had some complicated health problem so they needed House to figure out wat it was. turns out, the two teens are RELATED! as in siblings.. well half siblings. they share the same father. eww imagine how gross is tat? they din noe. the father lyk had an affair wif his neighbour and out came the daughter who later fell inlove wif a boy nxt door WHO TURNS OUT TO BE HER DAD'S OTHER SON. haha so complicated and disgusting. well tats wat i wrote. haha had to cut it short cos not enough time. argh the bump on my thumb getting redder and bigger. sighs so tired of writing.

sejarah obj i guessed so many. the questions wif the 4 options are the worst. its always one option is completely out. then another is lyk u noe is sure correct. then comes the final 2 which ure always second guessing urself. not sure which is correct. haha tat happened to me alot. BUT THE BEST QUESTION WAS NO.2 WHICH WAS 'APAKAH TULISAN YANG TELAH DIGUNAKAN DALAM TAMADUN MESIR PURBA?'

beautiful.. i was lyk smiling to myself wen i saw it. lol so sad. lol anyways the question about kerajaan saabak came out and im happy cos i jst read wat it was about during break. then the one describing someone and i knew it too cos it was Ibn Rushd and he wrote some book called 'taufat al taufat' o smtg lyk tat. hehe i rmrb cos i thought the title of the book was silly. haha whewww at least 3 confirm correct out of 40 -_- haha i hope i get higher than 59% for my sej essay since tats wat i got last term.

my main goal is jst to get higher than watever i got last term or the term before that. hahaha i hafta get at least 75 for my average so i can go to shangkai to see my cousin. hahaha if i get 85, i get to go to go chill in london. haha but tat one, dun need to tink bout it la. too high. haha =) sighs still got add maths,physics,bio and chem. craaap! i tried revising physics jst now but i completely forgot how to do the questions in chapter 1. omg.. im so screwed.

oh yea.. i lost my puppy, Lola =( crap la. stupid dad's mechanic left the gate open so she probably ran out to explore the world. she nvr came back =( crap im cried again. so sad man. i tink im gona jst promise myself i nvr get another pet cos smtg bad always happens. as joel keeps reminding me -_- word of advice, dun ever share any pet mishaps to ur friends. they will jst tease u endlessly. lol yesterday i cried twice. one for my dog and the other at the airport wen i sent my cousin off to shangkai. shes moving thr to work. haha ive nvr seen her cry before in my entire life of knowing her. lol so i couldnt help the water works. her mum cried too. my mum cried. it was just a happy day for kleenex. lol so embarrassing but yea.. sighs i mean.. now tat shes gone.. whose gona insult me endlessly about my poor memory and behaviour? =( who esle to do it better than family? sighs sad sad day

i shouldnt probably go do some add maths questions rite now but i keep downloading songs. ooh does anyone haf any nice songs they haf in mind? if so jst tag them will u? ive downloaded a ton olrdi but i wan more =). cheers

Delta Goodrem - i don't care, born to try
Casting Crowns - who i am, does anybody hear her?, Stained Glass Masquerade,prodical
Carrie Underwood - i aint in checotah anymore, i'll stand by you
Kelly Clarkson - my grown up chrismas list, sober
Bethany Joy Lenz - songs in my pocket, halo, haley's song
Faith Hill - strawberry wine
Nickelback - hero, rockstar
michael bolton - butterfly kisses
Hilary Duff- Someone's Watching Over Me
Boys likes girls - the great escape

Tuesday, October 09, 2007
PAPER 3!!!! 11:01 PM

arggh chemistry paper 3 tomolo!! PLUS sejarah test chap 6!! PLUS got a bball game same nite! ARRGGGHHH!!!

hehe im so free.. everyone cramming lyk shit and im online friendstering and blogging. ahha im only blogging cos i jst found out recently tat i haf a very loyal reader. haha so must give her smtg to read.

neways will talk more bout the other paper 3 papers some other time.
till then laters and pls pray for me tat i will pass wif flying colours tomorrow for both papers!!! hehe

really la.. wat am i still doing online? already 11.03pm and i havent read through my sejarah yet. kk la. good luck everyone whose sitting for paper 3 tomorrow!!! =)