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Saturday, May 31, 2008
kch ppl so frigging cibeh rude.. at least some of them 1:59 PM

omg man.. this what happened last night :

krystle : *called* eh want go hui sing hawker centre eat supper? we just finish tuition.

sandra : okay okay. coming.

*hmm.. should ask shui to go too. i hate driving alone at night. maybe bcos its pitch black in my car at night -_-.

sandra : shui! want go hui sing hawker centre eat supper with krystle?

shui : erm erm erm.... okay lah. *very reluctant*

sandra : im not forcing u -_-" dun go dun go lah dong.

shui : haha okay okay

sandra : amah krystle will be there.

shui : *suddenly got energy* OKAY OKAY!!


few minutes later, shui in car already.
at the turning, where i try get on main road, just chit chatting wif shui in the car.
i saw that the other car was still quite far away so i just drove out la. drove onto the right lane.

cibehh i didnt even realise this until we stopped at the traffic light.
i look to my left, i see the bloody woman driver in a white naza i think, STARING AT ME.
staring at me wif lyk a pissed expression.

im lyk all confused so i just keep looking at her too la.
then she start opening her mouth and saying stuff to me.
obviously i cant hear cos both our windows are shut.
but obviously shes saying rude stuff. scolding me la.
celaka i never meet people so rude one.

im a frigging P driver okay!
F u la! bloody asshole.
i dun even tink i was wrong. piece of shit man.
you see a car coming out of a turning, oF COURSE U SLOW DOWN RIGHT?!

bloody hell! your license is kopi-O one isit? celaka.
blooody fag man. bloody fagging idiot! so frigging pissed now that i tink about it again.
puboh shit man. so frigging annoyed.
i rmrb her car plate number 2277.

okay if i see nxt time on the road, im gona scratch her bloody white naza and poke her tyres!


*im just kidding. im not gona do that. im not that evil. -_-"