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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
another cinderella story 6:40 PM

im gay for still liking shows like this..
but screw it!
it looks better than the one with hilary duff and chad michael murray. =)
plus selena gomez is pretty
and the guy's the same guy that sang in the HSM tour
the one that actually sang for Zac Efron's role in the first HSM.

so yeah.. hes okay looking too.. lol
love the dancing bit

Saturday, July 26, 2008
new skin! 1:10 AM

woohoo new skin

been wanting to do it for months..

kinda grew somekind of hatred for my old one..

lol dont you guys think i need a change too?

lol i got 2 videos to show everyone but.. i dont know why my draft is empty -_-

though i saved it just now. crapper

nvm here it is again. had to go to godtube.com to find it.

enjoy ppl.

this video was the same one that 'Mac' guy from the sex talk, showed us.
i thought it was very interesting so im showing it to you guys again. =)

this video made me think.. what would you do? haha just being random.
discuss =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008
la la la 2:31 PM

i have put on so much weight that it's not even funny anymore =(
went to steamboat with the rest last night.
wasnt very fun cos some people didnt go =(
but oh well, last day i could go out anywhere.. mums restricting my driving privileges..


oh thought of a post today, namely :



a) driven the BMW

b) driven the porsche

(and sucked at it.. badly.. emphasize on the 'badly' part)

*this isnt the actual car but same model but diff colour and its a convertible. im too lazy to find the pic of the actual one cos its 12.05am and ive got school and im tired and currently, i cant breathe again cos of my stupid flu... *

c) eaten at pizza hut

(... and feel EXTRA BLOATED..)

*nyahaha 1300-82525.. 1300-82525.. *

seriously, thanks to him, ive put on SOOOO MUCH more weight -_-

d) eaten at Jojo cafe..

(actually i didnt eat.. just watch haha)

*haha i jst typed in 'Jojo cafe' for fun, not thinking i actually find an actual pic of the place.. but i did.. the wonders of the internet. lol.*

e) nearly reversing into another car in the bmw

( maaaaaaaathering scary and close -_-" )

f) wake up at 3.30am and change bedrooms -_-

(shall not elaborate haha to make you die of curiousity)

g) watch Hellboy2
(sucks in my opinion. cool special effects but plot is predictable)

hmm cant tink of anything esle at the moment.. so yeah. =)

btw lemme show you who bert is.. jst cos im bored.

haha it feels lyk im selling him on my blog or something -_-
oh well, whatever works right? ;)

haha im pretty sure losers lyk amah will be viewing my blog more often after seeing this. nyaahah..

on second thought, i cant sell out my own flesh and blood.
but i do accept cheques or cold hard cash if you are persistent enough. ;)

im so sad.. -_-
gnites =)

Sunday, July 06, 2008
jeremy jackson.. ew 10:04 PM

remember coming home, after a long tiring day of school?
you drop your bag and immediately switch on your tv and at 5pm (or was it 6pm) Baywatch is on.
i remember Baywatch being one of my fave tv shows.
i would rush home just to watch the episodes.
NOT because of the hot bodies in the show -_-
i was still too young to understand what 'hawt' meant.
but because of the storyline..
the whole lifeguard thing saving the victim's life EVERYTIME..
yeah im such a loser.

anyway, remember Hobie?
David Hasselhoff's cute, young, buffed son?
omg.. he was so cute back then..
and then i saw this on perez and nearly died.

what he used to be look like :

awww.. right?

not really digging the wavy hair but he still looks cute.

hmmm okay.. maturing into...

best age? wth? -_-
best look!
i mean he looks his best when he was lyk this..
arrrgghh i can even vaguely remember this scene i think.

what he looks like now :

... okay so he doesnt look that bad here. hmm

no offense but i think he looks older than David Hasselhoff...

okay this one is the most frightening by far..
so prepare yourself..
i warned you..


*from his blog*

"Like a fine wine, J.J. just gets better with age."

Perez Hilton.

and whats with the red eye?!
it makes him look even creeepier!!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Hobie!!!
what happened to you?
i couldnt believe that was actually cute hot Hobie..
and what Perez said..
am i the only one seeing it or do you think he's hot too?

you would think Perez had better taste or something.
seeing as how he's lyk..
gay and everything

double ew.

Sighs still love Baywatch though.

i cried like a retard when Stephenie died in the sailboat accident.
btw, Stephenie is the chick on the right with short hair.
sighs.. i can picture that episode right now.

i miss Baywatch.

P.S. while googling for Hobie's pics, i came across a lot of other Baywatch actors mostly half-naked and SUPER BUFFED AND IN SUPER HOT SHAPE..
crap. too bad i was too young to understand it all =(

Tuesday, July 01, 2008
a blast from the past 9:12 PM

I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction

- Rachel Scott, 17, first victim in the Columbine High School Massacre -

i found this quote a long time ago and totally forgot all about it.
but then, somehow i stumbled across it again and im glad i did.
after reading it, i felt like something inside me came alive again.


i understand now.

I will not be labelled average

- Rachel Scott -

the secret life of the american teenager 2:24 PM

i am so looking forward to this.

lame tv name but yeah.. looks nice.

someone correct me if im wrong but is the main character Marissa Cooper's little sister, Kaitlin from The OC? i'm not sure. la la la hope it shows in Malaysia!