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Friday, November 28, 2008
the end of a looong day 9:47 PM

it's over.

it's actually over.
i'm still in a kind of a daze, i suppose.
i can't really get over it.. it's been...
what? 3 days?
and like the rest, i can't help feeling a strange kind of vacantness.
a sense of freedom that i am not familiar with.
it feels like i have all the time in the world right now.

we felt like we had so many things to do before it
we planned so many things to do after it

well, it's over now.
so what next?


oh FYI, after it ended,
i haven't felt hunger at all.
strange, isn't it?
of course i've eaten meals but i did it simply for the sake of it.
it was like..
'oh its 9am, i should have breakfast now.'
'oh its 7pm, i should have dinner now.'
not because i was hungry or whatever.

is this a post-spm disorder or something?
hm interesting nevertheless.