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Saturday, February 28, 2009
a quote to rmrb 11:40 PM

tonight in church, i learnt something that was really true.

someone quoted this :

"Sin will make you go further than you want to go,
make you stay longer than you want to stay,
cost you more than you want to pay."

i couldn't help but agree.

think about it.


i love SNL


Friday, February 20, 2009
poor rihanna 6:17 PM

domestic violence is so WRONG!

people who do it are just.. heartless uncontrollable animals with no emotions.

okay when i first heard of the rihanna and chris brown incident, i was trying to think logically. since everyone else was already siding rihanna and talking smack about chris brown, i was thinking we should give him the benefit of the doubt and let him explain himself.

but when i saw the photo the police took of her when they first reached the scene, every being in my body boiled. literally.

how the hell anyone could ever do that to someone they supposedly love, is just..
it's just so unimaginable!

people get beaten up for many reasons, sometimes good but in this case, chris brown deserves no mercy.

just like how he showed none when he viciously attacked rihanna.
rihanna deserves so much better

want to see her fter having met Chris Brown's abusing hand?

click right here.

this is so disturbing

i heard it on the radio but i couldn't imagine something as terrible as this.

chris brown deserves no forgiveness

the authorities should really drop the ball on this one

he deserves to be taught a lesson

he sends his sincere apologies..

like what the hell?

he seriously needs help

at the end of the day, all you can wonder is



Friday, February 06, 2009
life wif 44 3:42 PM

alright this post is going to be the first of its kind
namely, i am going to be lashing out at someone i know.
let's call her 44.

alright so every since the first day of orientation,
i've been trying to be friends with my classmates.
i'm pretty shy to be honest but seeing as how i'm going to be seeing them for a whole year,
i figured it was worth a shot.
everything went pretty well.
people in my class are really friendly and fun.

i really like my class plus the teachers are really good too, esp my physics teacher.
he makes physics really interesting (i know right? physics! lol.)

anyway, before i get side-tracked, there is one particular person whom i'm not so 'fond' of.
in other words, she's the least liked person in my class for me.
i don't know what her deal is exactly since i can't think of offending her in any manner.

few examples why i feel she doesn't like me :
(btw, my friend told me i was being bias since i already didn't like her etc. etc. so you be the judge.)

1) everytime i try to talk a conversation with her, she shuts me down. she replies with a short answer and turns her head the other way. -_-

eg. i say : 'Hey, do you play pool? Want to join the club together?'
(lame i know but i was trying to be friendly)

she says : 'Yeah. Er.. no/not really/see first.'
(i forgot what she said)

then she turns her head.

eg. i say : 'Hey, i heard you're dad's a doctor.'

she says : 'HAH?! FROM WHO?'
(she answered that way -_- no idea why..)

i say : 'er.. heard from sean.'

she says : 'Ceh, his mouth so big'
(okay i think she said that, im not sure.)
then she turns her head.

2) she hardly ever talks to me. even when i'm sitting next to her in class. one incident in class was like this :

*random* she says : 'Eh sandra. are thoose your school shoes?'
(the way she said it was lyk she was looking down at me or smtg. that was how i felt at least.)

i say : 'Er.. NO. They're converse. They're not even white. They're pale pink'

she says : 'Oh really kah? oh okay.' then she turns her head. -_-"

3) she singles me out in stuff

eg. we took a class photo in the chem lab with her phone. she was bluetoothing it to everyone. i sat behind her in maths so i asked her to send to me too. just then, another friend asked her to send it to her as well.

she says : 'Oh okay. wait i send to Mei Yee first.'

i think : 'okay whatever la .'

then later, she still didn't send it to me.

i say : 'Eh 44, can u send me the pic?'

she says : 'Yeah wait.'

still no picture.
in the end, i just gave up and asked from another friend in class who had it.

eg. we took a class pic in school today again in bio class. i am walking in to class with my friend and we were late.

she says : 'Hua Yen! come take pic! Hua Yen! hurry up! come take pic!!'

FYI, i am standing right next to HY.
i just ignore it and walk to my desk.
btw, i really don't care if she doesn't like me since i couldn't care less.
but i am curious though as too why she doesn't like me.

anyway, i find her more and more annoying everyday in school.
maybe it's because i'm bias now or whatever but she's really kind of irritating during class.
i got a few people who agree with me so maybe i'm not being completely bias.
either way, i honestly couldn't give a damn.
i found a few friends whom i can connect with and i really enjoy hanging out with so it's all good.

:) haha yeah that's all i had to say.
gotta go. my plane's here :P
i'm going home babeh :D
kch here i come!