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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
a very much needed update 2:27 AM

okay so finals are officially over :-)

been over for a couple of days now

right after my finals though, whats the first thing restless college students do?

head straight to genting of course ;-)

wait actually the first thing i did was meet up with Jasmine.

where i bought her book, Behind that Shiny Resume

we went to pyramid with Vino to meet up with Hua Yen and Shu Jun.

then we left with Phoebs

and spent some much needed time l4d-ing without any guilt :P

it felt weird though

there were moments when I thought of saying
'Oh crap. I should go back already la. Study.'

but now it was like..
'What now? hmm.'

haha kinda like the feeling after SPM

we killed zombies till we were light headed then drove to nathans for mamak

awww and dan bought me a new wallet

considering the fact, my old one looked like it was kinda sprouting roots..

definately something growing though O.o

i was really taken aback by it so that was really sweet :-)

sean got me a laminated photo filled with silly pictures he took of me throughout the year

my wall of shame i suppose :P

most of 'em aren't exactly flattering :(

oh wells

btw i was completely speechless when i got seans gift

vino got me an l4d expansion cd :-)

aww so sweet people

shall post about genting after this