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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
christmas eve 2:51 PM

wow time really flies by fast.
can you believe it?
it's dec 24th today!
it's Christmas Eve people!!!!
like wow, Christmas is back.
it's probably due to our tropical climate that the people in Malaysia don't really seem to give a damn about it.
or maybe it's just my family.
haha oh well, i didnt realize that it was Christmas tomorrow.
i can still remember CNY vividly in my head.
driving 5 hours to Sarikei with my sisters and parents in our cramped car,
playing fireworks with my cousins whom i rarely get to meet,
being exhausted from the journey,
going out with friends to other friends' houses,
playing blackjack - losing my ang pao money :( .

and fast forward a bit, then boom!
Exams are over.
Mock is over.
SPM is over.
all those late night cramping and pulling out my hair is over.
all those breakdowns are over.
all those worrying is over.
all those sleepless night are over.

then TA DA!
Christmas Eve!
man, time flies by too fast sometimes.
if you're not careful, you just might miss out on everything worth remembering.
hmm life is so strange.
we live out our lives, we do what we're suppose to do, fulfill our responsibilities,
then what next?
after SPM ended, most of us were just kinda in a daze.
we didn't know what to do or what not to do.
even doing things which were so common and simple to us like watching tv felt foreign.
going online, not to search up information about EST or test papers, felt out of place.
at the beginning of course.

now Christmas is coming.
you know what that means don't you?
the year 2008 is coming to a close.
few more days and it's all over.
another chapter closed in our book of life.
and on January 3rd, a new one opens up.
well for me anyway.

merry christmas you guys.