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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
happy bloody new years 5:43 PM

today is the last day of the year.
honestly, i thought i be spending it happier surrounded by friends and entertainment and laughter.

but due to recent events, i just don't feel like a celebratory mood.
not like i can go out anyway either.

if someone told me a few days ago that this would be how i'm spending my new years,
i wouldn't have believed them.

i hope everyone has a great happy new year.

what a shitty way to end 2008 and to start 2009.

oh and on a totally different topic,
i hate people who can't say what they feel.
i hate the kind of people who say things just for the sake of saying them, you know?
i mean, what for say it if you don't mean it?

there is this person whom is never able to just say what he feels.

he always keeps to himself and never really gives an honest opinion about a particular subject.

he says what he thinks he's suppose to say, or at least, what a good friend is suppose to say.

but his words doesn't come from the heart.

i just hate it!
whenever i'm down or something, he'll say something like
'oh hey how are you? hope you feel better.'

or some crap like that.
notice how cold his message is.
there's no worry, there's no actual sense of concern.

it's just like a robot talking.

and the person is not necessarily a guy to the low IQ-ed.

i read that Taylor Swift's going to be in NY for new years, performing.
along with the Jonas Brothers.
i heard that new years in NY was a life changing experience and really beautiful.


i hope i can someday witness it too.