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Friday, January 09, 2009
college life 11:02 PM

college life. dammn i sound old.
anyway, omg i'm in college now.
how frigging weird is that?

okay okay so anyway, orientation was awkward.
i am in G2 and i'm completely by myself!
i mean, i'm the only lodgian there,
the only kch person too!

signed in at student central with my family.
omg taylors was flooded with students and they were all just from SAM!
then, i had to dash off to MPH for the orientation talk or something.
met Phoebs along the way and Brian's kinda good looking housemate.
haha that's a different story.

i didn't introduce myself even when Brian intro-ed him to me
. -_- i am seriously lame.
don;t know why i did that.

anyway, the talk was lame! and boring!
something about mother eagles and baby eagles.
obviously, we're the baby eagles -_-
blah blah blah
sat with Aaron Teo and jon.

went to our classes when it was over.
argh argh argh.
it was totally weird cause when i walked into mine.

(i sat in the front row)
(because a girl in front of me kinda stalled a bit,
-blocking my way-
trying to figure out which seat didn't make you look too lame or nerdy and which seat made you cool enough that a random person would have the courage to talk to you.)

SO I did the idiotic decision of sitting in front.
omg i regretted it immediately because, who the hell sits in the front row during the orientation?
i thought about pretending to walk out to go to the toilet or something then walk back in and sit a different seat but i figured i was over-thinking it and just let it be.

i prayed someone would sit next to me so i could maybe start up a conversation.

haha i saw some people interacting around already and it just made me sink deeper into my seat. -_-
im so lame la.
anyway, orientation ended quickly.
my mentor intro-ed and then let us off.


but first week of school just ended and it's.. okay i guess.
wait.. slash that.
first week of COLLEGE just ended. haha

ooh ooh i drove to taylors yesterday and the day before yesterday.
haha thank God the roads are basically straight but long.
KL drivers are crazy impatient idiots.

every small opening they see on the road, it's basically an invitation to zoom their big arse vehicle in.

argh haha but i'm learning fast :P
hm i made a couple of friends now but no close ones though.
it sucks that our lunch times are all different so i can't meet up with phoebs or the rest somedays.

oh well, i'm not in the 'in' crowd in my class because i'm not outspoken enough i think.
but at least, i have some friends :) mostly locals though.
yeah guess that's about it.

on the upside, there is one good thing about college life.

by the end of this year, i am going to have Beyonce legs babey :)

all this walking around, whilst slinging my heavy arse bag AND carrying heavy arse books all day long will definately take its toll on my boday.

haha something that i keep running through my mind whenever i'm huffing and puffing as i power-walk my way to my classes. haha

tell me about your college life :)
leave a tag and a link and i will go view it.

hope you guys are enjoying it.

going sunway pyramid tomorrow with phoebs.