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Sunday, March 22, 2009
extra ingredient in porridge 2:45 PM

today for breakfast, we decided to bite off more than we can chew
(geddit? geddit? -_-)
we ordered two pan mees for each other and a bowl of porridge.
after our pan mee, we were already so full.
but we had to eat the porridge anyway.
after awhile, she gave up but i was still slowly but steadily going
but then, i bit onto something hard.
when i spitted it out, it hit the table with a loud thud sound.
i looked at it and discovered that it was....

a stone..
a stone in my porridge
a stone that was hidden in the meat.. i think
a stone.

she said it was a sign from God that i should stop eating.
which i did
i dont know if i should be grossed out or disgusted.
that was how my morning went today