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Friday, April 24, 2009
i never win 3:59 PM

why do i bother?
i can never seem to win
this whole week has been so shitty
probably the worst week that i can ever remember having
test after test after test

screwed up my fking math investigative study shit
screwed up my math test
probably screwed up my chem test too
and bio

bio was the ONLY paper was so sure i did well in cos i spent the whole weekend studying for it
then just now..

ms ong said i used pencil to darken the objective space on the last page
in taylors, we suppose to use pen
so as a lesson to me, she only take half of all my correct obj answers

if she hadn't done that, i would have gotten 47/56

W. T. F.

then i came to a conclusion,

i will never amount to anything in life

i have this great opportunity here and i'm just blowing it

i just never win
in everything i do

i never win