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Friday, May 01, 2009
a new day? 3:36 PM

I have decided to change, for the better I guess..

After reading my previous posts, I can see that I've subjected myself to unnecessary pressure and stress. I mean, it's good to have some pressure in life, but what's the point if it becomes overbearing that it becomes all you can think about?

From now onwards, I am no longer going to be emo and angry at myself all the time.

I'm gona try to get by everyday with what I got.

I'm gona try to stop being so careless and be more careful in thinking and writing.

I'm gona try my best to not hate myself whenever I realize I made a mistake.

I'm gona try to refrain from gossip and such deeds.

I'm gona try to make my parents proud

I have to at least try.