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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
update! 12:23 AM

to my blog which is already dead.

well, i'm back in kch! :P haha
came back last thursday night. gahh the airports had several masked avengers, which kinda creeped me out cos it just made the whole swine flu epidemic more real and scary to me.
i was so paranoid i kept washing my hands, much to my sister's annoyance -.-

anywhoo, reached home and inhaled cleaaaaaaaaaaaan kch air
aaaah miss home :)

i dont know how many movies ive watched since i arrived. o.O let's see

twilight- on the plane
slumdog millionaire -i dont think it was such a greaaat movie but probably the nicest asian one ive seen.
angels & demons - didn't really lyk it that much
wolverine- but was in kl wif evone ppl, two words : FRIGGING AWESOME!! :)
DEBS - introduced by joey. watched it few years ago but was bored so watched again after download.
21 - rmrb radhie saying it sucked or smtg but watched anyway
Fast & Furious 4 - pretty cool but i still prefered the tokyo drift one i think. this one seemed to be missing smtg.. hmmm

yeah i feel lyk theres more but i cant rmrb. hahah damn sad right?

ooo i forgot. on the ride from kl to kch, i had the most interesting plane flight ever. my sister sat next to someone who was really sociable and he kept talking the whole way through, not in the annoying way though.

i was lyk trying to sleep but i ended up eavesdropping their convo which ranged from medicine to christianity O.O haha it was really interesting. ko im gona go wash my facee. just got back from supper wif the kl gang and some kch people :)

gah supper makes people fat.
celakaaa :)