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Monday, July 06, 2009
my materialistic fantasy 11:36 PM

this is going to sound super spoilt and i don't usually post about this sort of things but i think i'm going to make an exception for this one :)


i am absolutely positively in love with the idea of having an iphone :(

first off, the keypad on my phone is kinda cacat.

example: when i ask people for their numbers, they type and then go 'ehh? i can't... press 7.. ' -.-


second reason, have you seen an iphone?!

isn't it absolutely the most beautiful phone ever created?


i don't think i've ever wanted a phone so much before.

crap becoming materialistic :(

but can you blame me?

its beautifuuul!

its perfectioooon.

gaahh :(

the more i look at one, the more i want it. lol

so niceeeee :(

but i can't help thinking about what PC was talking about in SNL last week about giving back to parents and not just asking.

Being a giver, and not just a taker.
and yes, this is why i'm not begging for one which is kinda pathetic
instead, i'm just gona close my eyes and wait till one suddenly falls in my lap
sighs gahh

a girl can dream :)

no comparison whatsoever