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Thursday, December 17, 2009
crime life 2:29 AM

after a night of l4d-ing with the usual people, joel and i decided to drive around a bit, just talking about random stuff. we stayed at mickey dees till like 1am something then drove around. I sent him back around 2ish.

seeing as how it was late and dark and slightly creepy, i decided to take a short cut home.
instead of taking the long U-turn back to my house, i took an illegal shorter U-turn.
imagine my luck when I see a flash of bright blue lights to my right..
a police car.

frightened out of my wits, i turned over
this is my first ever run in with the law, so duh i was kinda crapping in my pants, so to speak. -.-
i usually don't break rules -.-
i'm a very law abiding citizen -.-
and i have never rasuah-ed a law enforcement before, or anyone for that matter
so i had no idea how it worked..
i kept saying stuff like i was only a student and that i've never done the illegal turn before (not true :P ) etc etc.

i was terrified of offending them if i offered them money
but they kept saying stuff like 'you happy, we happy, everyone happy'
then i figured it was probably safe
so i gave them rm20

lesson learnt :
never ever listen to joel ngeaw
stupid git