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Sunday, March 21, 2010
hm 12:12 AM

there's something missing in my life
but i'm not sure what it is...


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Sunday, March 07, 2010
irritation 5:59 PM

this has been a very long 2 weeks

orientation is finally over!

i didnt realize how tiring it was and i didnt really realize how little i was eating in the beginning too

the first few days i only had like a meal a day or small snacks

i usually skipped dinner bcos by the time i got home every night, it was usually pretty late
and i was too tired to eat or drive to get food

shit la. i think i became a lot darker

despite my attempts to salvage my skin with sunblock, i still can see the difference in my skin colour :'(

gahhh its like everyday it's soooo hot!
the weather is killer, man

anyway, the thing i wanted to blog about was that,
i realized that i really take notice of the little things people do
and i can get soo irritated by some people

i mean some things are just basic courtesy yet many people seem completely oblivious to it

i'm just saying,

if you're not considerate to me, don't think i will be to you either

it's like.. i don't know.

stuff as petty as paying for the parking ticket or offering a nice gesture means a lot to me

and i really take note of such things

it's like.. i'll be nice to you if you're nice to me and i will be really nice to you if you're really nice back, know what i mean?

i don't know. i guess the big word is being considerate

which sooo many people are not
and it irritates the hell out of me

i mean, the other time we went out with our seniors and they drove.

i paid for his parking ticket bcos i thought since we were using his car and he had to drive around so much, i figured it was the polite and considerate thing to do.

yet, i was just amazed at how everyone else just kinda looked away or seemed oblivious to it

i don't think it's asking too much for people to be considerate, right?

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