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Monday, March 30, 2009
9:58 PM

i just realized today that majority of everyone i know in kl,
has had or is still with a girlfriend or boyfriend.
hmm intereeesting

haha random observation today :)

k back to scratching off all the scalp on my head as i tackle maths



Sunday, March 22, 2009
extra ingredient in porridge 2:45 PM

today for breakfast, we decided to bite off more than we can chew
(geddit? geddit? -_-)
we ordered two pan mees for each other and a bowl of porridge.
after our pan mee, we were already so full.
but we had to eat the porridge anyway.
after awhile, she gave up but i was still slowly but steadily going
but then, i bit onto something hard.
when i spitted it out, it hit the table with a loud thud sound.
i looked at it and discovered that it was....

a stone..
a stone in my porridge
a stone that was hidden in the meat.. i think
a stone.

she said it was a sign from God that i should stop eating.
which i did
i dont know if i should be grossed out or disgusted.
that was how my morning went today


Friday, March 20, 2009
thoughts 8:55 PM

i have one shot here.

a chance to really do something.

why not take it?


Tuesday, March 10, 2009
missing my other half 3:15 PM

i miss you blatrever



Sunday, March 08, 2009
bad people 3:22 PM


there are two people i hate the most, namely:

Ms. Angry


Ms. Judgemental

i let these two individuals control my life too much

that has to stop


Saturday, March 07, 2009
dead 5:45 PM

i just screwed up big time.

oh shit


Friday, March 06, 2009
hectic days 7:34 PM

does anyone know how it feels to just be plain unlucky?
a trail of mishaps that just seem... endless?
sighs well if you have, i guess i can say i know what that feels like now.

lets start off with the most recent events like today.
i woke up at 6.10ish am.
that was enough to make me jump out of my bed and into the bathroom.

usually, i try to get up around 5.40ish am so i can leave the house by 6am.
then i drive to the kopitiam that i go to nearly everyday for my morning booster namely KL's infamous cheeeeong-fan
(spelt so because that's the way i pronounce it :) )

okay so after that, it will be about 6.30-40ish am.
then i drive to school which takes me about 20-30 minutes
the reason for all of this?




i ended up parking in front of subway there.
okay fast forward, first period was chemistry lab.
i brought my lab coat but was wearing slippers.
it didn't really occur to me that i can only wear shoes to the lab -_-

anyway, after ms. kwa gave out the instructions for our practical,i walked to the back to get the supplies.


kwa : "SANDRA! get out! you're wearing slippers."

sandra : *dong face* "Ha? seriously?"

kwa : *super serious stern face aka the face where her eyes turn really big* "SERIOUS! GET OUT"

so i left the lab, dumbfounded.
i frantically began to call all my friends, asking if any of them were wearing shoes.
none of them answered which was expected as everyone were in their respective classes.
then i msg-ed phoebs for shoes.

she didn't reply and i figured she either left it in her bag or didn't hear it or couldn't reply since she was in class as well.
i began running up and down campus, looking for people familiar enough to lend me their pair of their shoes.
it was kinda silly.

everytime someone walked by me, i would stare at their shoes first then their faces. -_- everyone seemed to be wearing shoes.

in my state of histeria, i got a crazy idea of asking the web assistant/helper/guy if i could possibly borrow his shoes.

this was how the conversation went :

(first meeting)
sandra : hey
web guy: hey

(second meeting)
sandra : "Hey, excuse me, can i talk to you for a sec?
*he came out of the web* Hey,i know this is very random but can i borrow your shoes for 10bucks?"

web guy : "Err.. i don't borrow people my shoes for 10bucks"

sandra: *thinking he meant he wanted more* "Err.. 20bucks?"

web guy : "Err.. i need my shoes to work."

sandra: "Oh okay nvm then. thanks!"

*inside, im thinking 'asswhite!'*
haha kidding

so i continued my search. -_-
then, received a text message from phoebs saying jon has shoes! woohoo!
i ran to their class which was D28 -_-.. i was at level B at the time.
i ran there in about 10secs -_-

i burst into the door and saw that it was CHONG teaching!
haha anyway, i must have looked quite a sight, panting and sweating, barely got my words out :


haha love jon to death! jon i love u! i owe u big time!
then ran back to chem lab, finished the experiment.

i guess the adrenaline was still pumping inside of me, so i was still kinda jumpy.
so jumpy in fact, that i broke a conical flask. -_-

i turned up the water pressure too high and just broke it..
cut my ring finger.

worst part was my eyes started tearing up a little.
how gay is that?
it didn't hurt that much but it stinged a little only.

they always go on by themselves -_-
usually at the wrong times again! idiots!
how embarrassing.

anywhoo, i think that was pretty much how things went this morning. hm
i got a parking ticket for 80bucks!
cause i parked outside someone's house cos i was late for class and cos there was no other parkings available.
pretty swell, uh?

SAM fiesta was kinda disappointment for me FYI.
the music was bad. everytime a catchy clubbing tune came on, and people started grooving to it, they turned it off. -_- how retarded is that?
the choir was kinda weird and random. they were good but random to be placed in the fiesta.

met a lot of very fun and friendly people namely phoeb's classmates.
hmm there was a bit of dancing towards the end but sighs. wish it happened earlier.
hm yeah that's about it.

watching american idol now
hope anoop gets in.